'Bachelor' Recap: Sean's Reaction to Tierra & AshLee's Epic Fight Is a HUGE Shocker


Sean Lowe Tierra LiCausi

Gee, let me think. Wherever shall I begin? Um, can we just go ahead and call Tierra and AshLee's epic fight in St. Croix one of the most entertaining pieces of drama we've ever seen in the history of The Bachelor?

Holy moly. I almost feel the need to go rewind the DVR and watch it again instead of writing this recap -- that's how awesome it was. From Tierra accusing AshLee of sabotaging her relationship with Sean Lowe to AshLee calling her out for being rude and giving her blank stares to Tierra screaming at the top of her lungs that she "can't control her eyebrow" -- this was definitely the cat fight to end all cat fights. Seriously, the only thing that could've made it better is if there had been hair pulling involved.

(And Tierra's eyebrow even has its own Twitter account now. Gotta love it.)

When she left the room to retire to her cot for the rest of the day, I totally expected Sean to walk in there and get all caught up in her little sob-fest once again -- to the point where I half expected him to go get a rose and give it to her right then and there just so she'd quit snotting on his white linen shirt.

He's fallen for her crap all season long. Since the whole purpose of him going to the suite to talk to her was so that he could introduce her to his sister who'd flown in, I figured there was no way Sean would have any sort of wake-up call and realize just how freakin' nuts Tierra is.

But alas, Sean shocked us all. He finally saw the light and extinguished Tierra's "sparkle" on the spot. (My jaw is still on the floor.)

And I honestly can't decide if I'm happy, because it means he's way smarter than I initially thought, or bummed out because the show probably won't be nearly as fun to watch from here on out.

But while watching a few more weeks with Tierra would've been interesting, to say the least, it really would have been a shame to watch a repeat of Ben Flajnik's season and have Sean end up with the girl everyone hates.

Although, based on the hometown date previews, it looks like some of the women's families aren't exactly going to go easy on Mr. Lowe. Maybe there's still the potential for some decent drama after all if we're lucky.

Out of Sean's four remaining women, who is your favorite?


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zmont... zmontague

I was so glad when he booted Tierra off.  Don't like her and don't really feel sorry for her.

nonmember avatar JEN526

I am SO glad Tierra is gone! I thought Courtney was bad on Ben's season - Tierra is the worst I have seen. I really hope AshLee wins but if not, Lindsay. It about killed me not to look at a spoiler because I was going to quit watching if Tierra won. Thankfully, he let her go before hometowns - I love Sean :)

Augusta Lee Branch

The article asked who is my fave out of the four remaining girls..I think Catherine is the best choice, 

Carol Cromer

So glad Sean's sister has a level head and flew in to remind him of her only advice - "Stay away from a girl that the other girls do not like."

nonmember avatar Tammy Z

I'm just glad Tierra is gone. My pick was Selma.

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