Rihanna Engaged to Chris Brown? Please God No!!!

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rihannaIt was unsettling enough to see Rihanna all snuggled up next to Chris Brown at the Grammy Awards last night. Now, even more disturbing comes this picture of the 24-year-old singer meeting up with Brown at the Supper Club for a post-Grammys party -- wearing what appears to be a ring on her engagement ring finger. NO, NO, NO!! And the rumors get only more disturbing: Some sharp-eyed types say the ring wasn't Rihanna's only new addition at the Grammys -- some swear they spotted a hint of ... you guessed it ... baby bump.

Now, I have to be completely honest, here -- I don't see an engagement ring in that pic so much as I see a ... shadow? Similarly, I don't see a baby bump in that pic so much as I see a ... slightly less than concave abdomen?

Maybe it's just that I don't want Rihanna to be engaged to Chris Brown OR pregnant with Chris Brown's baby. (Mostly because no child should have to grow up surrounded by paintings of muscle-bound Jesuses. Jesi?? See, Jesus isn't supposed to be plural, Chris Brown!)

Fine, maybe it IS just because I don't want Rihanna to be engaged to Chris Brown OR pregnant with his baby. But who in their right mind would want either of those things to happen? It goes without saying that I don't consider Chris Brown or Rihanna's father to be in their right minds.

Do you think Rihanna was wearing an engagement ring and/or had a baby bump at the Grammys?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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Venae Venae

Who cares - this girl is choosing to live her life w/an abuser - she has all the means necessary to escape him - yet she chooses to stay.  She will have to deal w/the consequences of it.

nonmember avatar kaerae

Oh dear god, please let one of them be sterile!

nonmember avatar kk

Everybody has to live what does it matter oh because their celebrities they shouldn't live remember we are all human mistakes are gonna be made no sin is greater then the other smh that's what's wrong now focused on the wrong ish the music is what's important if I love a song or an artist how they live theirs lives isn't and shouldn't change that

Cynthia Parten

I think she is an idiot for going back to a man who abused her, but it is her decision. She will have to learn from her mistakes. Just goes to show you that it isn't just poor women who go back to their abusers. Rich women do it too. We should just let her live her life.

hexxuss hexxuss

@kaerae - yes - or both!!

LostS... LostSoul88

Once a woman beater always a woman beater. IF she wants that type of man, then let her. Lets just hope she doesn't have kids.

doodledo doodledo

I predict that Rhianna is on her way to celebrity loserdom. In a couple years we will all be talking about how awful she looks after her plastic surgery to try and fix the broken nose Chris Brown gave her. We are witnessing the beginning of Rhianna's inevitable decline.

jessi... jessicasmom1

well so be it all humans make  mistakes , the abused always go back the abuser , the drinker always goes back the to drunk it is a viscous cycle

Jackie Barker

It's funny how you the media comment on Chris Brown every single day. JayZ has a pass also I am just saying. If RiRi wants to be engaged to Chris Brown that is her damn business. You guys need to stop playing God and judging people. Who are you guys to make life decisions for Rihanna and Chris. God is a forgiving God why can't the world be the same way. I am sick of all you haters bashing Rihanna and Chris Brown. SMDH

nonmember avatar K

What a horrible example she is sending to her young fans. He will do it again, without a doubt. I hope they never, ever procreate. But hey, it's okay if he beats you if he says he loves you.

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