'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Recap: Adrienne Maloof Denies Suing Brandi Glanville (but Not Very Convincingly)

Adrienne MaloofWhat is wrong with Taylor Armstrong? Seriously, there's something, because she doesn't seem to have a clue about how to behave in public as we saw plain and clear once again tonight on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. If not for her and her big lips mouth, Lisa Vanderpump's tea party might have been a lovely affair. Instead, thanks to her drunken meddling, it ended with Brandi Glanville telling Adrienne Maloof, "You're full of f*cking shit."

Oh, they may have gotten there eventually on their own, but that wasn't the time or place. But there they were with the topic of Adrienne suing Brandi on the table, and things got heated quickly. Now, the big question from this episode is who do you believe -- Adrienne or Brandi?

When the issue came up of Adrienne suing Brandi, Adrienne completely denied it. She denied her attorney sending a letter to Brandi's attorney, and pretty much any kind of communication with Brandi or her attorney at all. She basically accused Brandi of just making up the whole lawsuit for fun. "Shame on you," she said time and again. That seemed to be about all she had.  

Obviously we don't know who's lying, but why would Brandi make that up? Whether she was technically sued or not, I don't doubt that Brandi got some kind of threatening communication from Adrienne's camp. She just wouldn't pull that out of thin air. She's been clearly emotional about the financial toll its all taken, and she really doesn't have much to gain by inventing a lawsuit.

Plus, Adrienne simply wasn't believable. She seemed nervous and shady and like she'd rehearsed. Not to mention the fact that we heard her say before that she was going to sue Brandi. Oh, and how rude of her was it to bring Faye Resnick?! 

The thing is that if Adrienne is lying, she's going to get caught. If Brandi produces this legal paper she says she has, then Adrienne is going to look even worse than she's already made herself look this season. My guess is she'll try to get off on some technicality, saying it was X kind of letter and not a threat to sue, but tonight she clearly denied sending pretty much anything to Brandi. So if Brandi produces a letter of any kind, it's going to make Adrienne look really bad, no matter what kind of semantics game she tries to play.

And I hope Brandi does. If Adrienne was trying to intimidate her on one hand and deny it on the other, then that's really low. I'm not saying she did (because I don't want her to sue me), but tonight she certainly didn't do much to convince us otherwise.

Speaking of who to believe -- did anyone buy Kim Richards' excuse as to why she couldn't make the tea party? Just checkin'.

Who do you believe about the lawsuit -- Brandi or Adrienne?


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Wendy Clarke

Taylor doesn't have a storyline herself, so she has to get in everyone else's business to stay relevant.

oma2010 oma2010

Adrienne is full of it. I do believe Brandi is telling the truth. Brandi has nothig to gain by lieing. Adrienne is a self centered snotty prude.

nonmember avatar Terry

I also believe Brandi. Brandi is honest, perhaps too honest sometimes. But Adrienne comes off as secretive, as if she is always holding something back. Truthfully, about the only thing she seems willing to talk about are all the products she pitches.

Joanne Hester

I do believe Brandi!  Adrienne is acting fake. I have no idea what Faye was doing there. Only to cause trouble. Kyle seems fake too. I think they got jealous of Lisa popularity and tried to make her look bad Kyle silence makes me think she is in on it. I hope Kim gets herself back on track..  Taylor needs help I hope someone will really befriend this lady. God bless her and put her where she can get her life straight

Norecca Eva Bless

brandy is telling the truth n shame on you faye n kyle to be picking up for someone that is wrong because she has money

nonmember avatar Rita

I believe Adrienne.

nonmember avatar MariL

I believe Brandi. She has been upset for weeks over Adrianne's threats to sue her. Adrianne did say she was suing. Why did Kyle bring Faye? She is vindictive.

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