Khloe Kardashian & Lamar Odom's 'Trial Separation' Could Just Be Prolonging the Pain

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khloe kardashianWhile her sister Kim is nesting with Kanye, and Kourtney is trying to make things work with her baby daddy Scott Disick, Khloe Kardashian may be calling it quits before baby with husband Lamar Odom. At least that's what Life & Style is reporting this week. And we all know how much we can trust tabloids, but ... they do seem to have quite a few details on the sitch.

Apparently, Lamar is soooo fed up with living the Kardashian life that takes place in a constant KLIEG light! He's reportedly been partying like crazy and even having flings with other women, and it's crushing Khloe. Then, adding insult to injury, he was set to spent a few weeks on the road, and he allegedly asked Khloe to "back off and quit smothering him." Enter the rumored "trial separation." Eek!

Wasn't it just last week they were publicly raving about their "intense" sex life? Oh well -- that could definitely be deemed defensive ...

At any rate, a little time apart and some space never hurt a couple. I actually feel like it's a healthy way to go when you need to clear your mind and regain a sense of gratitude for your relationship. But I'm not quite sure that's what's going on here. Instead, it sounds like Lamar is just ducking and hiding. If he really wants to call it quits, then man up and separate! Or decide you want to work things out and go to counseling.

A "trial separation" sounds way too wishy-washy. It sounds like a pre-separation, when you know a separation is just a trial divorce. It's delaying the inevitable. Sad but true.

Maybe what some couples need is to delay the inevitable, because it's too horrible a reality to quickly process and accept. But ultimately, when it comes to ending a relationship that's already DOA, it's probably better to just cut the cord. I know we're always worrying that people are throwing in the towel on marriage too easily these days, but the opposite extreme -- putting off a necessary divorce and playing passive-aggressive games -- isn't healthy either.

Anyway, for Khloe's sake, I hope they really are having more intense sex than any supposed "trial separations." But if the latter is the truth, something tells me these two won't be able to keep that a secret for long at all. And maybe that's for the best.

Do you believe that Khloe and Lamar are on the rocks?


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jessi... jessicasmom1

really trial seperation just because she can not get pregnant? who is to say it is his fault in the manner

Tress Brown

The problem is that the tabloid story is a lie. They're not on a trial separation. It mjust baffles me that that everything with these so called witnesses are always taken as gospel. Khloe andl Lamar just did a sit down one on one interview last week taking about their life and they are just fine. Lamar just tweeted the other day about him and Khloe. You guys are too gullible

abra819 abra819

Meh...who cares..

Tress Brown

ere is what Lamar tweeted a couple days ago and other recent tweets.


LAMAR ODOM‏@RealLamarOdom

This ts OUR love. If you don't understand it... Well, we never asked you to. We rock together. Forever.

11:45 AM - 6 Feb 13


LAMAR ODOM‏@RealLamarOdom

My shorty @KhloeKardashian and #CousinsOnCall really surprised me with the remodel of our theatre! It's dope!

6:31 PM - 23 Jan 13


LAMAR ODOM‏@RealLamarOdom

No greater love then the love she gives me. We rockin forever Khloé

7:54 PM - 7 Jan 13

Tress Brown

LAMAR ODOM‏@RealLamarOdom

Hope everyone had a blessed Christmas! Nothin like being with my wife and kids! Family is what this is about. Blessed 4real

2:02 AM - 26 Dec 12


LAMAR ODOM‏@RealLamarOdom

Great road trip! Feeling good... Still work to be done. Happy to be heading home to my wife.

9:15 PM - 17 Dec 12


Melis... MelissaListens

It's Life & Style. The end.


nonmember avatar melissa

Hmm.. I don't want to believe. But often when those rumors start and don't stop... it may be somewhat true. I did not want katy and Russel brand to end so soon. I didn't want to believe the rumors and they kept it hidden/denied until they couldnt any longer.


I just want her to be happy

jessi... jessicasmom1

ohhh trial seprations never end well

hexxuss hexxuss

Meh - Pink & her hubby started to get divorced, did the separation thing & look how that ended - baby & still married.  Not ALL of them end badly...

kh4irish kh4irish

he never grieved the loss of his son......he ran...and plays ball.  He needs to man up with his past life in order to live in his present one.  Unfortunately, he is unable, or unwilling to get at the root of his pain.  She can't mother him or he'll run.  She has to accept that he is going to do whatever he wants with no boundaries. Yuk.

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