Justin Bieber Song Starts Selena Gomez 'Drinking' Rumors & This Photo Doesn't Help

selena gomez drunkAnyone who's ever done something asinine after a breakup, raise your hand. Christ, I can barely see my laptop screen with all of your virtual fingies in my face. Fact is, after we break up with someone, we're just not our best selves. And we do stupid things. We drink; we eat (or don't eat); and we maybe make out with people we definitely otherwise wouldn't. It's a rite of passage. But the difference between people like you and me and Selena Gomez is -- we're not famous. Unless, of course, you are Selena Gomez and you're reading this. In that case: Awks.

After the Grammys last night, Selena was photographed looking what could be construed as worse for wear as she exited an after-party. Gomez looked a little bit dishelved as she scooted past the paparazzi, arms linked with her friend, Alfredo Flores. And this wouldn't be such a big thing if Justin Bieber hadn't supposedly sung about her drinking on Saturday Night Live the night before. Selena, what's going on wichu? Are you all right?

Saturday night, Justin Bieber bestowed his new song unto the world, "Nothing Like Us." The song is rumored to be about Gomez, and in it is the line: "Have you been drinkin'? To take all the pain away ..." And this also comes after the now infamous video of Selena "appearing drunk" during a red carpet interview after the Golden Globes.

Like I said, we've all done dumb things after breakups, and drinking in excess, for some of us, is among those dumb things. But beyond the fact that we get to live in our weird, unhealthy, self-loathing world in a neat, private, little hell, Gomez isn't yet of drinking age -- and young girls look up to her.

Hopefully, I'm wrong, and Selena was really just hopped up on Pixy Stix in the notorious video (Pixy Stix make you slurry, right?), but moreover, hopefully she's not turning to alcohol after her breakup with Justin. That's no way to deal with things when you're young, famous, and millions of girls' idol.

What do you think of this?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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Irela... Ireland69

I guess she wouldn't be human if she did something stupid like we adults do!

tuffy... tuffymama

Oh, please. That's a little pot and kettle. He smokes weed.

nonmember avatar gina

she looks fine to me. got any proof she's been drinking? didn't think so

Kelly Thompson

I dunno about anyone else but in the photo above I'd have only guessed that she was probably tired after being out @ the after-party for who knows how many hours....I've had friends who've looked waaay worse after leaving a club and they haven't had a drop of alcohol they've just been really, really tired.

KayCee Victoria Brown

hey us good girls dont go out for all night parties alot they are really hard on a body and emotional state when you dont do it often. and honestly it looks more like shes tired than drunk

Angi Everett

Where is this proof that he smokes weed?  Also, where's the proof his song IS about her?   Gawd people.

nonmember avatar Matt

ok so the girl had a few drinks....who gives shit. let her live. honestly how many people haven't drank underage. and if you said u haven't u are lying through you're teeth. this is pointless to make a fuss over

nonmember avatar jess

who gives a shit, the majority of underage teens drink anyways...

Cindy Mullenax


Stacey Newman

just leave her alone , she is a great person selena is not drunk she is probably tired .

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