Rihanna Lets Chris Brown Share Grammys Night With Her & That's Her Problem

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Chris Brown Rihanna Grammys Do you realize it's been four years since Rihanna was forced to skip the Grammy Awards because her boyfriend had beaten the ever living snot out of her? FOUR years. And yet, here we are again, talking about Chris Brown and Rihanna at the Grammys.

The Barbadian singer decided to follow the Grammys dress code -- despite her threat to ignore it -- and she looked absolutely stunning in red. It's too bad she didn't ignore Breezy too.

Too bad for her, that is ...

The couple that shouldn't be was caught canoodling in a photo that's hard to look at not for what it shows but what it represents: a smart, sexy, successful woman who still can't get out of her own way.

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Sad. But it's not our problem. It's Rihanna's.

She has chosen to reconcile with her domestic abuser despite a nation of people holding their hands out to help her. Rihanna even decided to let Chris Brown share her spotlight on Grammy night, a night that carries so many bad memories for them. If that doesn't speak volumes about the cycle of domestic violence, I don't know what does.

So ... are we ready to give Rihanna a break, yet America? For four years, we have expected her to step up and be some perfect example of how to move past domestic violence. And every time she stumbles, we get angry with her.

It's time we stop. NOW.

So Rihanna hasn't moved past domestic violence? So she is still caught up in the cycle? Need I remind you that she is the victim here. In fact, she is a perfect example of a domestic violence victim ... forgiving, accepting of apologies, willing to believe the best about her abuser, and unable to move on.

If we want to really talk about domestic violence in this country, we need to recognize that, recognize that women like Rihanna don't simply get better because we WANT them to. They need to find the strength and the support to escape the cycle, and that's neither easy nor quick. And it's even harder when you're a victim being attacked for, well, being a victim.

Do you get angry with Rihanna when you see her with Chris Brown? Why?


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nonmember avatar blue

I have better things to do then worry about her. BUT, I do find it ridiculous, now that I think about it. I have known women who got out of abusive situations. They struggled to leave and stay away, because they had no resources. No support. They were isolated, didn't have a job or money. She has every resource at her fingertips and she STILL returned? Pathetic, and definitely her problem. It WILL be a problem, too. She'll get beat up again, and that time...she gave him permission. I don't feel any sympathy for her, when it happens.

nonmember avatar Guest

People need to stop being so judgmental. Chris Brown owned up to what he did. Never said otherwise. Like Rihanna said if it's a mistake it's hers to make. Forgiveness in any form is beautiful. Try love and stop the hate. One's life is not defined by one moment or several moments. We can always learn from mistakes and be better people.

2nino... 2ninos4me

i think is enough already . im sure lots of the women who judge her have abusive parners themselves but have the guts to judge her .

let her live her life , make her own mistakes . her own way to happiness .. in other words , leave them the fuck alone !!!!!!!!!

jalaz77 jalaz77

I really think there was more to that might than we think. After everything cooled I heard she was hitting and throwing his phone then he lost it, which is still wrong. If this is true then they are both mentally unstable people and will not work. Difference is he left marks and she didn't. Still pathetic situation.

nonmember avatar vivi

riri may you rest in peace that time will come for you when he snaps.12 people i know have died in the hands of a sick angry man all repeat abuse offenders god help you.

Maias... MaiasMommy619

Wow... That was morbid ^^^

Anyways.. She's a big girl.. She can pick an choose to do whatever she wants to.

nonmember avatar Alek Samm

This may not be satisfactory for the fight against domestic violence but it sure is a helluva affirmation for forgiveness, something all the pitchfork carrying people up in arms over their re-pairing apparently have no clue about.

Julie... Julienikki06

no- I get angry when judgementsl people don't know how to forgive or give second chances. everyone makes mistakes- and it's their business and their business only!!!!!

nonmember avatar Muffy

What happened between Rihanna and Chris only happened one time! They did not have an abusive relationship. Both have said that time and time again. Meanwhile people who actually are abusive gets a free pass. Ozzy almost killed his wife, but that's okay. The list goes on and on. You people do not care about Domestic Violence.

nonmember avatar Jami

@Muffy, EXACTLY!!! SUCH a double standard. Some of the world's biggest stars (country singers, rock & roll, actors... even Yanni, for christ's sake(!) are REPEAT domestic abusers. Yet, for some odd reason they get a pass, and are still loved and revered! SMH. But, when it comes to Rihanna and Chris Brown, they BOTH get criticized and crucified. YEARS later. Pathetic. Maybe even a tad racist.

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