'Glee' Recap: The Rachel Berry We Knew Is Long Gone

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Glee I DoLeave it to Rachel Berry to steal the thunder away from a bride. It was the big Glee wedding -- time for Mr. Schuester and Miss Pillsbury to finally make the sweetest couple in the world official. The whole gang came back to Lima to celebrate. 

And then all hell broke loose. 


Miss Pillsbury left Mr. Schuester at the altar. Blaine and Kurt hooked up. Santana and Quinn hooked up.

And Rachel of "I have a boyfriend who I LIVE with" hooked up with Finn. Then she lied about it to boyfriend Brody! 

And then, one more explosion. 

Rachel Berry, the goody goody girl who is supposed to be career driven, off in New York making it, had a pregnancy test in hand. 

It may have been the most uncomfortable moment of the evening. It was depressing, first and foremost. But more than that, it drives home just how far we've come from the old Rachel Berry. 

Ms. Goody Two Shoes Rachel Berry has changed so much that she not only cheated but then lied to her boyfriend's face about it. She's not the Rachel who annoyed us but made us want to root for her anyway because there was something inherently good and pure about her. 

And now her purity is taking another hit ... 

Do you still root for Rachel? 


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nonmember avatar Cass

Pure does not automatically equal good. I hated "the old rachel". I like the new Rachel- even if I don't like all of the decisions her character makes. Besides, all of the characters acted like whores in this episode.

ZamEnt25 ZamEnt25

SO what makes me the most mad about this sites reviews is that its not called the Rachel Berry hour. Most people enjoy the other characters just as much, or in my case, more than the diva they created. I can't believe you didn't talk Quinntana which made twitter explode. How Emma left poor Mr. Schue at the altar. SO many things you could talk about. Why JUST Finchel? Sometimes I don't get it.I think this season started out slow, but now its great! They are including are most beloved characters, which made Glee, not the Rachel Berry hour.

Sylvia Stein

I think the episode was a good one. I disagree with it being the rachel berry hour, but in reality the show Glee has come all this way due to Lea Michele and Cory Monteith. Yes I have to say some of the other characters are just as important just like Mr. Shuester and it was nice to see the others as well. I thought it was sad that Emma did not marry Will. I understand she has dealt with issues with her character's potrayal of OCD- but every step of the way Will ( Matthew Morrison has been there and to have them write this episode the way they did and then of all things to have Sue come out in the exact Wedding Dress- they should of made that a dream sequence. I was sad for Mr. Shue. It had nothing to do with making it about Rachel. Let's also not forget that her boyfriend Brody is also hiding something- and she did not lie she said she saw Finn- he is the one who was coming out of a hotel room with cash in hand. How do we know he is not being paid to date Rachel ( by the mean Cassandra July or he is some type of male escort. I like this rachel and I like where they are going with this. So it is not the Rachel Berry hour.

Syl Stein

lobus lobus

I love the song by Elli Goulding at the end but Marley ruined it for me. Her voice is simply not strong enough for most songs how she got cast as the new Rachel is beyond me. Now if Santana had sung it, I would've bought it on iTunes already. I think almost everything new about the show is eh...I miss the early seasons when it made me laugh and cry and I usually liked one song enough to buy.

JoJos415 JoJos415

This episode was a little different. I hated Will being left at the alter though.

nonmember avatar 100%Gleek

Rachel didnt lie to brody. they have an open realationship. which means that they r allowed to "see" other ppl. (which is BS . hes got her brainwashed).Brody is the one that lied. anyway i am still rooting for finchel. but if it is a brochel baby i will stop watching it. hes a douche

nonmember avatar Dawn

Rachel with a pregnancy test in hand totally reminds me of Lea Michele's role in Spring Awakening as Wendla. It's probably Lea acting within her comfort zone.

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