Liberty Ross Gets the Best Revenge on Rupert Sanders & Kristen Stewart

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They say the best revenge is a life well lived -- if so, Liberty Ross has Kristen Stewart to thank for her well-lived life. Sure, she filed for divorce from her two-timing husband, director Rupert Sanders. But she is certainly making the best of it. For one, whoever heard of Liberty a year ago? She was a minor model and actress. Now Liberty, who is currently in New York for Fashion Week, is more in demand than ever as a model. OH! Aaaaand apparently she's got a new boyfriend. And he's WAAAAY better than Rups.

Liberty is reportedly rumored to be dating American Idol mentor Jimmy Iovine. The two were recently seen leaving a hotel together after weeks of whispers about them being a couple. Iovine is a mega-legend in the music business world. He's credited with having discovered Eminem. He worked with Lady Gaga. If this is Liberty's new flame, she'll surely get a great seat at the Grammy's! (If he doesn't take mom.)

Meanwhile, ex-husband Rupert lost his wife. Didn't even end up with Kristen. And lost out on directing the sequel to Snow White and the Huntsman. Rupert, you should know cheaters never propser.

As for KStew and RPattz -- well, who the hell knows what's going on there. One day they're together; one day not. I wouldn't want to be them, truth be told. As Liberty herself said:

I’m very happy with my life, and I’m lucky. I have good people. I have two amazing children. I believe that we’re all on journeys and we are all given lessons at certain times in our lives, and sometimes when things seem really bad, you have to be able to see the good and learn from it, and just move forward as graciously as possible.

And, hey, if you can move forward with a guy who's much more rich, powerful, and interesting than your cheating ex -- why not? All the better because Liberty has never given a "tell-all" interview -- which I was pretty sure she'd do. She's been classy and dignified throughout.

Are you glad to see Liberty doing well?


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Venae Venae

I don't understand how, reeling from the fact that your husband cheated on you, you are already seen "leaving a hotel" w/some new dude.  I've never understood women who immediately start looking for a new guy.

lobus lobus

The way shes always smiling at the paps icks me out. Glad the demise of her family has brought on success in the modeling industry. Way to show em...

nonmember avatar susan jensen

Ms. Ross moved to the U.S. as her husband wanted to further his career in Hollywood. She was very well known in the United Kingdom. If you properly researched your topic, your editorial would have been much more accurate....

Lulu Collazo

This is why I doubt she even loved Rupert. I believe she had a struck of luck with Kristen's mistake and has been using what happened to further her career. She doesn't give a darn on what happened, I bet she's just glad it happened, in fact she said in another article she was the one who tipped the press, sooooo, who's the bad guy in this scenario, Kristen or Liberty? You be the judge, given the facts.


There's nothing wrong with moving on with your life once you are divorced.

nonmember avatar yelena

Yes, I do hope she does well. Liberty is an impressive, intriguing woman. I hope Robert Pattinson follows her lead.

nonmember avatar Jess

Actually, Liberty Ross was quite a famous model in the UK. She even won Model of the Year for a Vogue cover. She married him when he was a nobody, just a friend of her brothers.

seely... seely1979

Like I have said many times. She probably set the picture shots up that caught Rupert and Kristen. She was looking for away out. This was not the first time he screwed her over I am sure.  For all we know she had this new boyfriend long before now. She will not hurt from the break up very long. Sounds like she will make a good living off the whole affair. I still think that Kristen got the worst end of the deal. I think she was set up and used by both of them. Now Rob is putting her through crap and he is just as guilty as Kristen. He is not as squeaky clean as he seems.

nonmember avatar Chris

I'm disappointed in all of the wild speculation and cattiness toward this woman. The woman's husband cheated on her right under her nose, which is not her fault by the way. Whether she was "looking for a way out" or not (like anyone commenting here would know one way or another) it doesn't excuse the fact that he gave her ample reason to leave. I wish her the best as she uprooted and put her life on hold to support him and this was the thanks she got.

Anoth... AnotherKim

Oh my God. I can't believe people are actually feeling sorry for Kristen Stewart. Liberty set it up? Seriously? She set it up for a bimbo to hae sex with her husband? If Liberty did tipoff the papps, then good for her! I hope she took Rupert to the cleaners and is laughing and LOVING her single life. Kirsten got everything she had coming.I have no pity for her or Rupert. Now it's time for all of them to move on.


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