'The Walking Dead' Is Back: 3 Things We DON'T Want to Happen! (VIDEO)

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walking deadIt's almost here, it's almost here! The Walking Dead Season 3 returns after 10 long, long, zombie-free weeks tonight with Episode 9, “The Suicide King." And not a moment too soon -- the waiting is starting to drive us as batty as the one-eyed Governor of a post-zombie apocalyptic dystopia. And while the air is thick with spoilers, most of them leave us with more questions than answers -- and some of those questions are putting us on edge, to say the least. We're still emotionally devastated by the tragic events of the first half of Season 3! If any of the following rumored plot twists turn out to be true, we're gonna need to start a Walking Dead support group.

3 Things We Really Don't Want to Happen on The Walking Dead:

1. Daryl leaves the group. Okay, obviously We Heart Daryl and want him in every scene, but beyond that, the group could seriously suffer if the Norman Reedus character jumped ship (rumor has it he breaks off from Carol & co. when they refuse to welcome Merle back into the fold).

2. Maggie and Glenn split up. NO, NO, NO! See, apparently some sort of "serious split" will occur -- and if it's not Daryl/Carol, it would have to be Maggie/Glenn, right? Neither is ideal, but Maggie and Glenn just HAVE to stay together. It would be tooooo sad otherwise.

3. Rick will die in the battle of Woodbury vs. the prison. I mostly don't even believe this is a possibility, but Rick and the Governor are fated to face off and, well, Rick isn't doing so great lately. Understandably so, but still, is he really strong enough to take on an entire town?

Although, from the looks of this clip, that town is just about falling apart:

Is there anything you're really hoping WON'T happen in the second half of Season Three of The Walking Dead?


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WCURi... WCURiverRat

Oh God I can't wait!!!!

nonmember avatar guest

where's the SPOILER ALERT? jeeze.

Mandi Edwards

I just hope that noone in Rick's group dies I love every single one of them.

nonmember avatar lolz

Lol the comics are so far ahead can't believe the writers are gimping the story to please hollywood

Wheep... Wheepingchree

I really hope Maggie & Glenn don't split up.  I do want Andrea to die.  I can't stand that bitch.

AuntP... AuntPammie

All of the above.

needa... needadvice1983

I doubt Rick will die since he is the main character (in the show and the comic books its based on). He gets pretty much torn apart in the comics and still keeps going. I hope Maggie and Glenn don't split. I like them together. I could see Darrell leaving to be with Meryl IF they even make it out of the town. Can't wait to see what happens.

nonmember avatar Holly

I have heard that the guy that plays rick soesnt want to return for another season. So as much as i dont want him to die, i have a feeling hes going to be killed off somehow

zombi... zombiemommy916

Even "if" Daryl DOES leave the group for Merle, I'm pretty sure they'll regret that decision and come back...obviously right in the nic of time, of course...Merle better redeem himself, save the baby or something crucial...otherwise they could just let Merle and Daryl live in another part of the prison...away from the women and children...

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