'Real Housewife' Carole Radziwill Splits From Boyfriend & We Couldn't Be Happier

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carole radziwillSad news, friendsicles. Carole Radziwill of Real Housewives of New York has split with her boyfriend we met on the show, Aerosmith keyboardist Russ Irwin. Remember the guy she was hanging out with who had the terrible hair but an easygoing attitude? Yeah, him. They're done. Carole told Us Weekly they "called it quits."

But! There's a huge silver lining. The RHONY hasn't yet begun taping their sixth season, which means, if Carole's asked back like we hope she is, we'll get to see her single and ready to mingle on the show. Ow, ow!

I have a feeling that our beloved Carole is a lot of fun when she's not tied down. Not that Russ really tied her down, but still. It'll be awesome to watch Carole go on dates with the hot NYC elite. She's dated George Clooney, you know, so her boy toys are sure to be handsome, if not famous.

And, by the way, Bravo should be thanking their lucky stars that season 6 has this going for it. Honestly, I don't think I could handle another season of Aviva's phobias taking the spotlight. Or her dad, for crying out loud. He looks like he reeks of bad breath and is one ass-grab away from a lawsuit. I resented any segment he was a part of.

Anyway, Carole's singledom is a whole new opportunity to have a great story line around her -- I hope producers take advantage and force her to go on dates, for our sake, if not for hers.

I hear Prince Harry is available. Maybe Carole can be the second Housewife to hit that? I'd approve.

Do you wanna see a single Carole on RHONY?


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nonmember avatar ej

I really can't stand Carole, I thought she was so fake throughout the season, worst of the lot and that's saying something

Genie Simi Heldt

She's not as phony as the Countess. I hope they get rid of LuAnn and Aviva and her dirty old man father. To be honest, the only NY housewives I like are Sonja and the new one who was helping Sonjs with her toaster oven campaign.

Connie Griffith Moore

Carole thinks she's better than the rest of them. Like she's doing the show a favor by being on it,I just don't like her and she thinks she's so pretty and I don't see that either.

Melissa Smith Troy

I agree with Connie Griffith Moore and ej. Can't stand her condescending witch.

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