Kim Kardashian Flashes 'Engagement Ring' That's Way Prettier Than Her Kris Humphries Rock (PHOTO)

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kim kardashianI swear to god, if Kim Kardashian puts another wedding on TV, I will abscond to Canada and never return. Don't get your hopes up, though -- the only sign we've gotten that Kim and Kanye West are getting married is this photo she tweeted of a possible engagement ring she's wearing on her left hand. I guess Yeezy liked it, so he put a baby in it, then a ring on it? Aw, isn't that adorable.

Besides the fact that these two characters are becoming more and more loathsome by the day, I will admit to liking Kim's choice in engagement bling. As a big fan of the non-traditional route, I appreciate that she and Kanye went with something unique, special, and understated.

Because everyone knows that the bigger the ring doesn't mean the bigger the love. In fact, it could even mean the opposite when it comes to Kim -- Kris Humphries gave her a monstrosity of an engagement ring that was over 20 carats and cost a disturbing $750,000 ($2 million if Kris hadn't received a deal and had bought the ring at retail).

So maybe this cute little initial ring is a sign that these two are actually for real? That material possessions couldn't possibly encapsulate their love, so why even try? That their initials, literally banded together, mean everything?

Gross, but good, I guess.

I suppose now that they have a ring and a bun in the oven, all that's left is a divorce from Kris Humphries. Ah, true love at work.

Do you like non-traditional engagement rings?


Photo via kim kardashian/Instagram



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nonmember avatar Thinker

Looks kinda trashy to me. Like something that came out of a 25 cent gumball machine at the grocery store.

nonmember avatar Clarrisa

It looks like it comes from a Lucky packet! And don't be dumb please that's no engagement ring, do u honestly think Kanye will allow Kris Humphries to upstage him??? Hell no he's gonna buy her a 10mill engagement ring...because omg no one can be better than me!!! Ugh

nonmember avatar Jenni

I agree with the others! It looks cheezy and something out of a gumball machine!!

2cent... 2centsCDN

You would not be safe from the Kardashians in Canada, they've invaded our airwaves as well.

I have to agree, the ring looks a little trashy. And why the initial?

Mommi... MommietoJB

It looks like a 50 cent promise ring a 5th grader would give to his gf. I love non-traditional engagement rings like kate middletons, something classic and vintage. Not something corny with the guys last initial tacked on it. It shows how posessive and imature kanye is and how ditzy Kim is.

TeamT... TeamTARDIS

Ugly. And the stupid rings on her other fingers look ridiculous too!

curly... curlygirl31

Looks cheap and tacky.

fleur... fleurdelys3110

Agree with everyone else. Looks cheap. and Those other rings look like they're cutting off her circulation.

ms_da... ms_danielle_j

That ring looks cheap and tacky; just like Kim kardashian. It's perfect for her ;)

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