Eddie Cibrian & LeAnn Rimes Mock Brandi Glanville in Obnoxious Instagram Photo

eddie cibrian leann rimesUp until recently, Eddie Cibrian has managed to stay out of the insanity that is the Brandi Glanville/LeAnn Rimes feud. In the teensiest way, it kind of sort of made him look like an all right guy; a dude who was trying to keep out of the high school drams (even though he started it). But the other day, Eddie let his true, immature colors show when he Instagrammed a photo of he and LeAnn doing shots, along with the caption, "Drinking and Instagramming whatttttt my new book title" -- the message being a below-the-belt dig at Brandi and her new book, Drinking and Tweeting. 

Way to keep it classy, Eddie. And you too, LeAnn -- love how you're licking that shot glass!

Even though Eddie is the one who caused this whole mess between the two women by cheating on Brandi with LeAnn, his role in this shitshow has taken a back seat to Crazy 1 and Crazy 2. Brandi and LeAnn are forever at each other's e-throats, and Eddie -- well, you kind of don't even think about Eddie that much, do you?

But this obnoxious, juvenile 'gram Eddie posted (I'm assuming while under the influence) reminds us all that, well, he's obnoxious and juvenile. Apparently, it isn't enough to cheat on your wife and leave her -- when you really want to go that extra mile, you've gotta take a dig at her new book, too. Twist that knife, baby, twist 'er good.

What do you think of Eddie's Instagram?


Image via Eddie Cibrian/Instagram

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Karma... KarmaGrant

Eddie's just a douchenozzle and this just proves it even more so. Hope LeAnn likes being a sugar momma because you know that's all she is to him.

sassy... sassykat122

At least Brad Pitt had the decency to keep his mouth shut

sweet... sweetcherry_59

While Brad Pitt had the decency to keep his mouth shut, so did Jennifer Aniston. Outside of a few "uncool" remarks you don't here her whining over and over again about what happened. Look Brandi, it's over and what happened to you sucks. I feel for you, but let it go and move on with your life. It's time to grow up for everyone in this situtaion.

Boobo... Boobookittt74

Eddie is a disgusting cheating pig and Leann is a whore! ya Brandi COULD justly it go but I kinda understand when u get screwed over sometimes its hard to move on till u SEE karma come around and give u justice.

Susan Livingston Harris

I'm trying to think if I have heard of anything as stupid as comparing this to Brad and Jen? what? what is it? Brad left pregnant Jen home and lied to her about cheating? what? Brad did that? I dont know what you read or watch but stop it now because you're wasting your time. What? Brad and Angie went out of their way to get the paps to help them humiliate Jen? really? this is what went down? really? Brad and Jen were not separated? in counselling? really?

Evie Ryan

Funny thing is that LeAnn looks like a low-rent younger version of Brandi. Eddie traded down and LeAnn better watch out. Once a cheater, always a cheater. I am team Brandi.

Theresa Lucke

Leann makes me sick and so does eddie shes a home wrecker and this pic just makes her look trashy ..I find nothing attractive about her

nonmember avatar Dianne

Leann is a proper horror I totally believe the bitch is on meds she looks so old & yeah Eddie is absolutely there for her cash & her fame cos u don't think he has much of either !!! I feel so bad for Brandi and yeah she could shit up & put up but when a judge says u have no choice but to hands ure babies over to 2 lying cheating bastards then I think I would be in bits aswell

nonmember avatar gigi

Just remember, how you got him is how you'll lose him! Then who looks stupid?

chaos... chaoskelly

I love it sweetcherry_59 finally someone else is not a total Brandi fiend. I agree she is not the first to be cheated on and she won't be the last. All she is getting from this stuff is a little but of fame... LET IT GO! Go on with your life

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