The Important '50 Shades of Grey' Casting Decision No One Is Talking About

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dianne agron mike trevinoThe fascination with who will play Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie seems like it will NEVER die down. We're a nation obsessed. And while I'm sure we could mull that casting over for hours, there's another important topic on the table we're forgetting to address: Who will be cast in the biggest supporting roles, as Kate Kavanaugh and Jose Rodriguez?!

Here, three top contenders who we can only hope will catch the producers' eyes and steal their hearts, so we can see them star in the highly anticipated flick ... 

As Kate ...

  1. Blake Lively - Although now a married woman with a glitzy Gossip Girl resume, Blake's only 25, so she's definitely not too old for the role. Plus, she's got that uber-confident attitude and knockout looks to match how E.L. James describes Ana's roomie and BFF. Blake's by far my top pick for the part.
  2. Dianna Agron - Dianna's already established a brainy, beautiful blonde persona as Quinn on Glee. She also seems very comfortable in her own skin, which is a must for whoever takes on this role. And it would be awesome to see her grow/grow up as an actress by playing Kate.
  3. Amanda Seyfried - Long gone are the days of Karen Smith, the ditzy blonde in Mean Girls. These days Seyfried is starring in Oscar nom-ed flicks like Les Miserables. So she clearly has the acting chops -- and the stunning look to take on Kate.

For Jose ...

  1. Michael Trevino - Seems like anyone who stars in The Vampire Diaries is automatically in some Fifty fans' dream cast, but Michael -- who plays Tyler Lockwood on The CW show -- has the charismatic appeal to portray the photographer hopelessly devoted to his good friend Ana.
  2. Mark Salling - The Glee hottie already seems to have a following backing him up to be cast. Being that we've only seen him as horny Puck, I'm not sure he could be as buttoned-up as Jose needs to be, but he's definitely got potential!
  3. Diego Boneta - The Mexican singer and actor -- who has recently appeared in Pretty Little Liars, 90210, and Rock of Ages -- was called "the next big thing" by Rock's director and choreographer Adam Shankman. Pretty sure that would be a done deal were he to score the role of Jose, which I could totally see him in!

Who do you most want to see in these key roles?


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Lisbeth Odén

I think Taylor Lautner could do it!

tigge... tigger9280

Honestly, Is anyone just so sick of this?

nonmember avatar analu

taylor lautener!? he doesn't look like a "latino" at all!

Jennifer Andrews

I always picture Blake Lively when I think of Kate. She would be great as Kate!

Billy Nanez

I just lost a little more faith in humanity, please if you consider Fifty Shades of Grey to be 'good' literature do the world a favor and jump off the highest building so as to kindly remove yourself from the gene pool. It's nothing more than badly written porn and you can find better online for free anyhow.

nonmember avatar Angel

I wish this would all STOP until they have actually announced the cast.. Yes, it gets sickening after a while!!

nonmember avatar chris

I picture zac efron and mila kunis.

MrsCh... MrsChurch

Michael Trevino...YES! I like Amanda Seyfriend, but would love her as Ana. Blake Lively would be good, too, and she'd look good with strawberry blonde hair.

Rocío Aciar

Kate MUST be Blake Lively, no other! ;)


Julia Sapronova

Of course Taylor Lautner could play the role. Who do u think was José when it was still twilight fanfiction - master of the universe? For my part i dont particularly care who will play the supporting roles;)

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