Hateful Critic Fat-Shames Melissa McCarthy & Deserves to Be Fired

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identity thiefThink back, everyone -- can you remember when you first fell in love with actress Melissa McCarthy? I never saw her TV show, Mike & Molly. So for me it was her role in Bridesmaids. I thought the whole ensemble was hilarious, but Melissa's uttlerly balls-to-the-wall weird and highly original character had me in helpless fits, tears streaming down my face. She stole the show, as far as I'm concerned.

I haven't seen her new movie, Identity Thief, yet. I'll probably read a few reviews first. But one reviewer whose opinion I'm totally disregarding is Rex Reed's. In his New York Observer review, he attacked Melissa for her weight. He actually did that, like that is something a professional film reviewer just does. Wait until you read what he said. It's infuriating.

Here's a list of how Rex refers to Melissa in his review:

  • cacophonous, tractor-sized
  • screeching, humongous creep
  • female hippo
  • a gimmick comedian who has devoted her short career to being obese and obnoxious with equal success

Now I ask you. Are you screaming yet? No, actually, my real question is, have you ever read a review where a male actor was described this way? Let's see: John Belushi, John Candy, Chris Farley, Jackie Gleason, Jack Black, Jonah Hill. They've all made lemon movies. But did the reviewers ever specifically point out their BODIES as an actual flaw of the movie?

And why is it still okay to fat-shame actors and call them names? Most fat people I know don't care if you point out that they're fat as long as you're respectful about it. They know they're fat -- that's not news to them. But it's not okay to call people names. Period. Seeing a fat person does not suddenly grant you an asshole license.

And finally, some respect for Melissa as a comedian! It's true that Melissa uses her body in her comedy -- all skillful actors do that. You use what you've got. But her comedic genius comes from deep inside her. It's not in her fat cells, it's in her brain. Melissa has a twisted mind, sharp timing, and a mad wicked streak. She is so much more than her size.

Maybe Identity Thief is a stupid movie. I have no idea. But whatever the quality of the film, none of it comes down to Melissa McCarthy's size. And I'm disgusted that a veteran film reviewer WHO SHOULD KNOW BETTER would resort to calling Melissa a hippo in his review. I think that says a lot more about what kind of person he is than it says about what kind of movie he's reviewing.

What do you think of Rex Reed's fat-shaming Melissa McCarthy?


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redK8... redK8blueSt8

I loved her as Sookie on Gilmore Girls! Fantastic actress, and those critics are full of crap.

EmmaF... EmmaFromEire

That is disgusting. I'd say he should be ashamed of himself, but he probably doesn't have the capactity to do that. She doesn't give a flying fuck that she's fat, she'd be brilliant if she were just two eyes, a mouth and an ear. I fail to see how being a total dickwad about her weight lent any credibility to his review of the film.

nonmember avatar April

I just looked up Rex Reed. He looks like he could stand to lose some weight himself. He looked like he had more than one chin in some of the pictures I looked at. I also noticed that he has been arrested for shoplifting previously. If he wants to be an ass and fat shame someone, perhaps he should look at himself first.

Regina Stoltz

I heard about this in several media sources. First of all, weight discrimination is still very much around and accepted. It has NOTHING to do with her talent. Pointing out her physical appearance has nothing to do with her acting skills. She's a comedian, that's what she does, and she's very funny. Way better than some of the skinny comedians who have no talent whatsoever,( Kathy Griffin comes to mind immediately).  Rex Reed sounds like a male chauvinist pig. He would never dare say that about a male actor. And he's probably mad that his occupation is about as relavant as a boil on your butt. It makes me want to go see this movie just to spite him and support her. 

Oh, and as someone who used to weigh 400 lbs and is now down to 225, It doesn't need pointed out to us that we are fat. Shaming us doesn't make us want to go out and exercise.

tuffy... tuffymama

Rude! Rex Reed is a douchebag! Not only is he NOT a fine specimen himself, but if he had talent, he would be IN the movies and not writing crap ABOUT them. People. Jeez. Obviously, funny runs in the McCarthy family. Jenny McCarthy, Melissa's cousin, is a funny chick, too. And they are equally beautiful, IMO. Just as Jenny has used her gangly limbs in her comedy, so does Melissa use her physical attributes in hers. What. Of. It. You know, as soon as we realize that bodies are just shells for the people inside, we can get down to the business of advancing as a society.

tuffy... tuffymama

Rock on, Regina!

Felly... FellyScarlett

Shamming in general is uncalled for. If it's for being fat or skinny, too tan, to pasty, to tall or whatever, it doesn't affect your talent.

jalaz77 jalaz77

Regina-good for you!!!!

This guy is a dbag and said some crappy stuff to get attention. Had it not been for his words I would of never knew who he was. I will soon forget him. Critics are just that, critics and I rarely agree with their opinions. His words have nothing to do with her talent. God she is funny as hell!!

nonmember avatar mrsT

I want to also give a thumbs-up to Regina! I am so angry at this man--yet what is so pathetic, is that it is ok in this society to fat bash!!! People say the most hurtful, crass and crude things about overweight people, and it seems to be acceptable to do that. I agree with the author of this article-- Rex Reed SHOULD be fired!

nonmember avatar matt

Shocking that a women runs to her defense. God.didn't make her fat, Red Reed didn't make her fat, her poor decisions made her fat. So he bashed her and her movie, big deal. All this touchy feely media crap is ridiculous. Theyre actors! It's not an art, it's barely a profession.

As for Adriana's terrible blog post . . . no I can't remember thr first time I fell in love with M&M, because I didn't! She was terrible in Bridesmaids, and was so fat and sweaty the movie was almost unwatchable.

You're upset because she's fat and he made fun of it? Wow are you going to have a tough time in the real world. And how dare you compare McCarthy to Belushi or Farley??!! McCarthy is an obese hack of a comedian who has a reputation for ruining movies, let's leave it at that, k?

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