Robert Pattinson's 6 Sexiest Smiles (PHOTOS)

Robert PattinsonThat Robert Pattinson. He and all of his Twilight glory really seem to get women fired up. Maybe it's his sexy accent? Or ah-HAH! The way his booty looks in a Gucci suit? Either way, I won't fight you here, ladies, the man's got some serious swag.

Unfortunately, Rob's been having a tough time lately. One second he's together with Kristen Stewart. The next he's on location in Australia and they're not talking. Then next, he's walking around moping wearing all black. You know how we fix this situation? With a smile. His smile, to be specific. Maybe if he sees what it's like to be happy again, he'll BE happy. It's reasonably logical, right?

Thus I present you with Robert Pattinson's 6 sexiest smiles. Seriously, you're welcome.

Are you a Robert Pattinson fan? What do you think is his best look?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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tuffy... tuffymama

That boy has a whoppy head.

Liane... Lianetherider

I have never really seen his appeal. He looks like he needs a shower and a good night's sleep.

Missy Karras

Lianetherider why don't u try being out there 18 hours out of a day acting and doing movies and c how u look. until then shhh

Melanie Lemke

I've seen way better pictures of him...most of these weren't even attractive. 

Debra Anduaga

i have better pictures of him! but he  is just so mouthwatering no matter  what picture  you pick !!

nonmember avatar Backtobed

Well that's 2 minutes I'll never get back..

nonmember avatar Cypher

Yes he is good looking, and there isn't damn thing wrong with him being with Kristen Stewart. So he forgave her get over it, look at Taylor Swift 14 men, Kristen screw up once and now some of you want to call her a whore. I'm 50 and Taylor has been with more men then myself does that make Taylor a whore or Liz Taylor who slept with her best friend husband Eddie Fisher. Hollywood has double standards for some I don't here anyone talking about how Brad Pitt cheated on Jennifer with Angelina Jolie now they are called the golden couple

Christina Sanchez

I think Rob is very handsome and he a great actor who I would love to meet.

nonmember avatar mikayla

Ugh I love all of them SO MUCH! Now if only I could see him smile in person. No to hear him laugh. Now that would be magical in a sense.:-)

Nenna Cowan

2&5 I will never turn away, some pictures I love more than others,he should turn away from K.Stew for life,she is a buttslut!!!!!!He definatly don't take work lightly and is great so far and love his every movie !!!I wanna meet him and see him at a Cheese Pizza Tavern Tour sitting with my friends,oddly enough while fans there recognize and see actors/actresses everyday,I see musicians,even from all  over now!Would love to see this happen in Illinois Lasalle/Ottawa/Oglesby areasWould love to see him not give up but know he'd do anything nd hUGELUCK from me!!! Nenna Cowan

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