‘Teen Mom’ Star Expecting Another Baby & It’s Not Especially Good News

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chelsea houskaAnyone who's spent two minutes watching Teen Mom 2 has likely seen Chelsea Houska shed a tear or 10 over her baby's father, Adam Lind, who, officially speaking, is kind of the worst. This kid is verbally abusive and has possibly the poorest attitude on the planet. It was hard to see Chelsea struggle to let go of someone so viscerally horrible, but they've been broken up for a year now, so there's that. Anyway, here's a bit of news that should make everyone cringe: Adam's ex-girlfriend Taylor Halbur is allegedly pregnant with his baby.

Oh, and bee tee dubs, Adam's had three DUIs in six months and could face jail time.

What a winner.

I guess every baby is a blessing and everything, but Adam's been a pretty terrible parent to his daughter Aubrey, whom he shares with Chelsea. Granted the dude is young and dumb, but at some point he's gotta grow up, right? It's too bad he didn't have the chance to do so before becoming a father for the second time.

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There is, however, a silver lining. Maybe the fact that he's going to be another woman's baby daddy will help Chelsea move on once and for all? Maybe she'll realize that he's not worth her tears and will finally stop obsessing over him? Maybe he'll become someone else's problem for a while?

Who knows, things could go the other way and this could send her into a tailspin of rage and jealousy, but something tells me Chelsea's ready to have Adam out of her life (for the time being, anyway). She's got her GED and seems somewhat focused on beauty school -- hopefully that's enough to keep evil Adam thoughts from creeping into her brain. 

How do you think Chelsea will take the news?


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Roxygurl Roxygurl

Chelsea will cry and whine to everyone and I don't think it wi help her move on, I think it will just throw her into a deeper depression

Mom2f... Mom2fourlove

What is bee tee dubs??

Sierr... SierraLynn

BTW- by the way.

abra819 abra819

Theses two are f*cking ridiculous

nonmember avatar LizzieBorden

This show is like a baby mill; the babies are just flowing out at this point. I don't even watch the show but all I see are constant headlines of "teen mom star pregnant for second time" "teen mom 2 star pregnant again". Do none of these fools know ANYTHING about birth control?!

Mommy... MommyBoha

She will cry. Shes never gonna allow herself to get over him

nonmember avatar cher

So glad its not with her!! He's horrible.I hope she finds a guy that treats her s good as her dad does

mrssu... mrssundin

First off none of them are considered teens anymore their in their early 20's. Second we have 50 year old women who can't function. So lets quit pointing fingers at young people for making some mistakes when the older generations are just as bad or worse.

Heidi Mason Williams

but isnt there a possibility chealsea is pg again frm adam??????

nonmember avatar Emma

Adam is a piece of shit, he better serve jail time for those three DUI's in less than six months. Thats absolutely ridiculous. Would never allow my child to spend time with his stupid ass knowing he's doing shit like that.

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