Poor Bethenny Frankel Has to Rewrite Her Book on Having It All

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bethenny frankelWelp, this is awkward. Bethenny Frankel's got a book in the works called Skinnygirl Solutions, which is supposed to be a modern girl's guide to balancing life, work, and relationships. You know, just your average tome from a reality star about having it all. But now that she's getting a divorce, um, parts of the book have to be rewritten.

Apparently, Bethenny's gotta now go back and revise the sections about "sexing up your relationship" and "making time for relationships, family, and yourself."

Talk about adding insult to injury. When going through a split, most people can take solace in their work since, generally, their career is separate from their love life, but it's just not the case with Bethenny.

Since she made her marriage part of her career -- there's no Bethenny Getting Married? nor Bethenny Ever After without Jason Hoppy -- she's now forced to confront the failure of her relationship on all fronts. Her talk show, her books, her Skinnygirl line -- it's all tied to Jason in one way or another. Not being able to find respite anywhere from your painful divorce has got to be extremely trying. 

And literally having to edit the parts of your book where you give advice about how to manage a husband and a career ... oof. It's reliving your failure all over again. Could you imagine re-reading and re-writing your own advice? It'd be like, remember that time I thought I had it all, and now I don't? Good times.

The book's supposed to hit the market in August, but who knows if it'll be delayed due to the rewrites. I wonder if they'll have to change the title. Skinnygirl Irresolution? Skinnygirl Disillusion? Ouch.

Do you think Bethenny should release the book?


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jalaz77 jalaz77

No. No famous person should ever write a book on how to keep it together, cause they always fail.

nonmember avatar Kathy

I understand why she needs to rewrite this book, after all it probably has some anecdotes from Jason that she now wants removed, as painful as it is I have to say that Bethenny has not say one bad word about Jason since the announce of the split and I respect her for that. Jason though has been leaking all kinds of nasty tid bits about Bethenny that appear on Radar Online and I don't think that is cool. I thought Jason was better than that.

nonmember avatar elizabeth peter

I believe Bethenny,s celebrity has gone to her head. She was very rude and cruel to Jason,s family and to Jason himself. All on national TV. All in the hopes of making herself look better. She needs to just fade away now. She,s lost all credibility.

Joanne Hester

I think if Jason is saying stuff about Bethany maybe it is provoked by her wanting sole custody and have him pay child support. From what is being said who knows Jason doesn't really have any problems with the child support he just wants to have joint custody . I think maybe she wait on the book until she can figure stuff out.

Kelly Lewis

Get off her back people! She didn't fail! She went for it all. That's more than most people can say. And guess what Jason was emotional abusive to her. Take a better look at him. She tried to change for him tried everything. He couldn't deal with the fact that she was more successful than he was. It was his way or the highway. Get over yourself Jason! I liked you until I got to see the real you. You did a pretty good job at hiding if for a while. But, it finally came out and we got to see it. Takes a real man to try and make people think it was all Bethany's fault. Shame on you Jason.

Kelly Lewis

Shoot I spelled her name wrong!  Bethenny. :)


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