Kris Jenner’s Court-Ordered Mental Evaluation Reveals How Crazy She Really Is

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kris jennerWhen Robert Kardashian senior's widow Ellen sold her dead husband's personal journals to In Touch, everyone sort of took the news with a grain of salt. I mean, his diary alleged that Kris Jenner abused her children, which is pretty intense and seemed a little out of left field. Sure, Kris is the worst, but is she really abusive? Now, though, more details from the diary have been released that make those accusations seem a little more plausible. The latest entries divulge the results of a court-ordered psychological evaluation Kris underwent during her divorce from Robert, and oh boy, they do not paint Kris in a kind light.

The official court documents (official court documents!) call Kris "manipulative", extremely "narcissistic", and say she has a "Cinderella attitude."

They go on to illuminate that she's immature, selfish, and pleasure-oriented, and has a need to have "her sense of specialness mirrored."

Knock me over with a feather.

Whether this is officially true or not, it's most certainly not untrue. I mean, come on, is it so hard to imagine that a woman who put her kids on reality TV, who encourages them to do Playboy, who makes a living by managing their careers, who has no problem orchestrating her daughter's fake marriage for money, who tries to sell her grandchildren's photos for a profit, and who is so obtuse that she doesn't even care that her daughters disapprove of her slurry, wine-drunk nights could be called "selfish", "narcissistic", and "pleasure-oriented"?

Please. Whose decision was it to capitalize on the illegal release of Kim's sex tape? Do you think Kim was like, I know! Let's leverage this into a reality show! I sure don't.

And during the very first season of Keeping Up, who agreed to "accidentally" distribute and sell Kim's sexy calendar intended only for her boyfriend, Reggie? It was obviously an agreed upon and scripted miscommunication, but what mother would be like, Yes, I'm on board with this plan?

I never thought I'd say this, but I'm starting to feel sorry for Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, and that son she has with the hair plugs. With a mother, excuse me, Momager like Kris, it's a wonder at all that they're not all addicts serving life sentences.

On second thought, they are imprisoned by the E! network and will forever be addicted to the fame -- maybe she has, in fact, thoroughly messed them up, after all.

Are you surprised by Kris' psych eval?


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Felicia Schwall

 She did what she needed to do to make sure her kids did not end up just average kids If I had the resorces and knew the right people I would give my kids fame to. Any one of those kids could chose not to be where they are today. Those kids have everything. Besides Kim is just like her mom and now she is gonna have her own child. The Jenner part of the family along with kloe is the only ones that have any sense.

KAV1970 KAV1970

Please. There are plenty of people that have to go through court-ordered mental evaluations in custody battles, especially if you have an ex that's a real piece of work or an asshole or both.

Venae Venae

Who the hell sells their dead husband's diaries to a magazine?  Sounds like both of Mr. Kardashian's wives are nuts.

Looki... Looking4Truth

Kris Jenner is a fame and money hungry nut job who has absolutely no principles, morals, ethics or anything else that would make her admirable or even respectable.  I'm not in the least surprised that she's immature, selfish, narcissistic and pleasure-oriented.  She is disgusting, period.  She is also the worst mother I've ever heard of, selling her children to the highest bidder just so she can get richer as well as more publicity.  The Kardashians need to disappear completely.  The public is sick of them.  The only Kardashian that is worth anything is Khloe, and I feel so sorry for her that she's got Kris as a mother.

BxBom... BxBombshell

Immature, selfish, narcissistic and pleasure oriented sounds likemmost of Hollywood. I guess there it makes her normal which in itself is relative. I am more curious about the rationale of the woman who released such private information. It is malicious, selfish and intentionally damaging. Sounds pretty selfish too. Reeks of jealousy. As for Kris' kids, they're adults and do as they please and what pleases them is having a nice, privileged lifestyle which they have grown accustomed to all of their lives. They do not want or need pity from anyone. They're set for life thanks to their mom.

Ranae Czykoski


John Tammy Teegen

all this woman has done is basically pimp out her kids! what is so great about doing that?

Brenda Dallmon

kim k is a nincompoop take the butts off you dont need a brain to watch t v any more

John T. Yankopulos

This Woman Has No Brains!!!! She Is A Very Selfish, Greedy Old LadyThinking That She Is Young Again, But She Can Not Hide Her Real Age, Just Look At All Those Wrinkles And Blotched Up Face Improvements....She Is A Washed Up Nobody, Living Off Her Kid's Money....She Needs A Life And Bruce Needs To Leave Her, The Way She Treats Him Is Unhuman And He Deserves Better.

nonmember avatar KMann

now wouldn't it be funny if she's vocalized support for the demonicrat's liberal gun control measures? I have to wonder if she or other liberals will change their minds on this issue once a doctor declares that they're unfit to even own a firearm? probably the same way our vets are going to feel when obama and feinstein realizes they pose a threat to their disarmament agenda and could be easily be classified as having PTSD and prohibited from exercising their 2nd amendment rights.

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