Robert Pattinson’s Ex Reveals He’s Good in Bed & Kristen Stewart Would Be a Fool to Dump Him


Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart

Amid rumors that Kristen Stewart is considering dumping Robert Pattinson because she feels like he's ignoring her, a new report may force her to come to her senses and change her mind.

Because according to one of his ex-girlfriends, Rob is great in the sack. Whoever this girl is wasn't the least bit shy about praising his bedroom skills. She told Star, "No matter how much we fought, it was always amazing in bed!"

She went on to detail how having sex was always on the forefront of their minds when they went out. She said, "We'd glance at each other throughout the night because it made it more exciting when we got home."

Damn. Can you even begin to imagine dating Robert Pattinson and having him give you "fu$% me" eyes while you were out on a group date?

(I won't lie, I'm a little turned on just picturing that particular scenario.)

I guess it's really not a big shocker that Rob is a great roll in the hay, but if he really is as "amazing" as this woman says he is, then it's hard to understand why Kristen would be willing to let him go.

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Yes, I know that sex isn't everything in a relationship and hanging onto someone simply because they're good in bed is very superficial. However, having good sexual chemistry with your partner definitely counts for something. Without it, things have a tendency to get pretty boring pretty fast.

If nothing else, maybe simply hearing Rob's ex-girlfriend boast about their bedroom habits will ignite a twinge of jealousy in Kristen, and make her realize that breaking up with Rob simply because she doesn't think he's paying enough attention to her is a really hasty move.

I mean, she should at least wait until he gets back from Australia and they have mind-blowing "I missed you SO much" sex before making any rash decisions.

Have you ever stayed with someone because the sex was good?


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twili... twilightsbella

I sure would love a piece of him ;P hes sexy

Joyce Whitt

This story is BS.  No one talked to this site.  It's pathetic .  You stoop so low.  What's bad is there are gullible people who will read this and believe it. IT'S NOT TRUE PEOPLE!  

Lori Martinson Cyples

I agree with you that this isn't does say that his ex talked to Star...probably some magazine.

Debra Anduaga

If he  to come to New York i`m more than willing!! Hey Baby!! Now thats out of the way, dump herher ass now!!!

rccol... rccola1945

   If, an ex, of his, told the media, that, I can see why, she's an ex. How disgusting. Of course , it does help, in a loving relationship!!!!!!!!!bad.

Trisha Fischer

ok even if its true, that should tell people how shallow female celds are now a days when all that matters in a relaitonship is how good someone is in bed, and he should be distant towards her she did cheat on him with a married mad

BxBom... BxBombshell

It's called salacious gossip. Take a seat and enjoy it. I did. Its obvious his ex is British and they tend to be less prudish than us. I mean they show topless women on the telly and newspapers. So lets not get our panties in a twist and make a puritanical case about it. Besides, Cafemom is not the Washington Post.

nonmember avatar Ana

Stir living up to its name. What a load of bull what woman who had spent a steamy night with one of the HOTTEST guys on the planet would want to be anonymous . Let me think!! Oh cause it's rubbish and why wait till now for the big reveal . Is this story true I THINK NOT !!!!🐃

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