Kelly Monaco & Val Chmerkovskiy May Finally Profess Their Love & We Can't Wait!

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Kelly and ValAhhhhh!! OMG. According to a new report from In Touch Weekly, Kelly Monaco and Val Chmerkovskiy are dating and in love. I repeat -- a source says Kelly and Val are officially a couple. Yep, supposedly she finally dumped her boyfriend, Heath Freeman, and now she and Val can live happily ever after and make those of us who have been obsessed with their relationship rooting for them all along incredibly happy and satisfied.

Ok, so I know this is only a rumor, and it came out of In Touch, of all publications, but still. Let's just bask in the idea of Val and Kelly being madly in love with each other for a few minutes before we go ahead and call this story nothing but another juicy piece of Hollywood gossip that may or may not be true.

I don't know what it is about Kelly and Val, but there are plenty of fans who are so captivated by whatever happens to be going on between them. We (yes, we -- I'm all caught up in the hype too) can't even imagine the idea of them not being a couple.

Call it a once-in-a-lifetime friendship. Call it two people who are so drawn to each other, their connection is almost magnetic. Or call it soul mates finding each other in the most unlikely place. Whatever Kelly and Val have is so unique and special, it gives the rest of us hope that maybe, just maybe, we can find a love like that too.

And it's weird, because you'd expect most people to be insanely jealous of their bond -- yet we're not. Fans are genuinely happy for them, and I know I'm not alone in saying that they really deserve each other -- in the best possible way.

Of course, maybe we've been reading way too much into their relationship ever since it started, and the In Touch report is totally bogus. On January 31, Kelly tweeted, "Don't believe everything you read! #trashmags"

Was she referring to the In Touch report? Who knows -- but for the sake of all of her fans, let's hope not.

What do you think is really going on between Kelly and Val?


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nonmember avatar susan

When she said "Don't believe everything you read!" She was referring to a death hoax that happened the same day.

CAP1015 CAP1015

I don't know why I read this, I didn't care for them on DWTS and the next time I care about their personal lives will be the first time.  I just don't get it, they are fake, they are dramatic, they are beyond narcissistic, and it doesn't affect my life ( or many others) so I don't understand the interest, but again the people who are so interested in them are also in the group that believe the Bacherlor is real, and Santa, and professional wrestling, the Easter Bunny, Jersey Shore is real, and so on.........

nonmember avatar Jennifer

If Kelly and Val's friendship or relationship isn't real then there is nothing in this world that is. Whether it is romantic or otherwise the bond and connection they have is real. People that fake those emotions DO NOT spend their personal time together. Kelly & Val have been together a lot since the season ended. It's not fake. They wouldn't still be keeping up the "fake" connection if it was. It's sad that people can't see it. It must sucked to live a life where you believe in nothing. Life without love, emotion, & passion wouldn't be a life at all. Kelly & Val are as real as it comes.

CAP1015 CAP1015

Jennifer, calm down a little, you seem way more interested in them than most people, good for you, glad it gives you joy, still doesn't make it "real" just because it makes you feel better.

Johnnie Rowe Greene

I really am Happy for both of them~! The chemistry is soul mates for sure~! BRAVO~!!

nonmember avatar lacey

okay well listen if kelly and val were just friends or if it was fake romance ... they would not fly across country atleast twice a month to spend anywhere from 3-7 days together and go to events together and go to family parties.what they have is real. if you do not care as to what they are or are not doing with their personal life then don't read or comment. because your disrespectful to the people who do care.

nonmember avatar Jennifer

I am perfectly calm. My interest in them is a perfectly healthy level. I know that was indirectly calling me obsessed. I'm not thank you very much. If you take the time to read these articles & comment you should know a little more about Kelly & Val. I simply want them happy. Period. They are incrediable examples and inspiration on their own. They both have a rocky past. It's simply wanting them to both have what they both deserve. They are good for one another. They obviously make each other happy. Why not want people you admire happy? Why not believe that there is such a thing as soulmates? It hurts no one. I hurt nothing. I simply stand on the sidelines cheering them on in any endeavor they pursue. That's what a fan does. If you don't like them then go read about something you like and comment in that. This is harmless.

Susan Seufert

Thanks Mary for the update.  I AM obsessed and proud of it.  Call me a hopeless romantic I don't care.  And yes, the thought of them not being a couple would be crushing.  In a world full of bad news every day,  they have a way of taking me to a happy place.  I'm pretty sure they are an item.  I recently saw pictures of them (1/22/13) arriving at LAX together after spending a long weekend together in NJ/NYC.  Former DWTS partners who are "just friends" don't travel with each other after the season is over.  I just can't figure out why they are playing so coy.  Keep us posted Mary!   

nonmember avatar Lida

They make themselves happy. Depending on someone else for it is mentally unstable, and they're not. I'd be insulted if someone said that about me. What;s obvious to me is that neither is a 13-year-old girl and they have separate happy fulfilling lives. I don't see either of them appreciating this sappy crap without getting paid. …Have you seen VC do anything with Kelly that he hasn't done with lots of girls, same with Maks, Derek? All their fans bet their life savings on a HEA, not realizing they had tunnel vision. Then they learned the truth about PR. Shippers turn nasty when their ships don't sail. …That ticks me off. Stans think they're godsends. They're obsessive, selfish people. Even if its not intentional, it's insulting to treat people like characters. "I wouldn't fly across the country just to visit a friend, who I wasn't in love with.." No You wouldn't. They're not you. They're rich frequent flyers with homes and invites nationwide. Instead of putting yourself in Kelly's shoes because you fantasize her in love, why not do it to ask, "Would I find it creepy or respectful that strangers think they know my mind better than me and are plotting my future for me?" …If it's their happiness, not you wanting their lives lived on your terms, for your own personal show, you'd be happy cheering for them when you find out their soulmates are other people, right? No hate for their non-Vally-approved significant others? I’m skeptical.

nonmember avatar curious

I don't think it's real for one second. Val seems to in love with himself just like maks. I say run kelly run

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