'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans Kinda Sorta Says Something Nice About Her Mom

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jenelle evansSeason 3 of Teen Mom 2 may have ended, but the drama will just keep going, and going, and going. During the finale last night, Corey Simms' (you know, Corey, the dad of Leah Messer Calvert's first babies?) dad had some words with Jenelle Evans over Twitter. After seeing the expletive-laced brawl play out between Jenelle and her mom Barbara, Jeff Simms tweeted: “If Corey talked to me like that, there wouldn't be another season for him. #serious.” Snap.

Jenelle, rightfully assuming Jeff was talking about her, made sure he knew that she knew he was talking trash about her. Ah, just two adults with children battling it out on a public forum! Here's what Jenelle came back with:

I hope u aren’t talking about me. I think I see the way I act and feel stupid and dumb, don’t have to keep repeating it.

Wait. What? Did Jenelle just basically say she's just as embarrassed as everyone else by her uncontrollable and rude outbursts? Did she just admit that she feels stupid and dumb, and did she just put Jeff Simms in his place?

Huh, maybe she's capable of change, after all. Maybe all this craziness about the heroin and the miscarriage and the selling stories ... maybe all that's behind her now and she's moved on to greener pastures where she and her mom will be nice to one another and where Jace won't be doomed a failure before the age of 5 just because his dad's a loser.

Wouldn't that be nice.

Do you think Jenelle will ever change?


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Robin Young

janelle should take her own advice and stop repeating her stupid and dumb behavior as she puts it. How about putting the attention you give twitter and dudes towards your son (pains me to think of her being referred to as mom). you know that adorable little boy your mom takes care of because your a selfish brat. thank goodness this show is over, because the ones that should be getting publicity dont because the other poor excuses of moms (used very loosely)get it due to being losers and giving all females and mamas a bad wrap. i was a teen mom too, but stepped up and did what real moms would do and raised my sons. I was also responsible enough to not keep popping babies out by different men and i know who my sons father is. yes, i have 2 sons by 1 guy, who is a scumbag but was lucky enough to find a man who filled tha dad role. Girls any guy can be a father but the real man is called DAD!!

coco_... coco_rose

So what was the kind of nice thing she said about her mom???

mlg1989 mlg1989

He's right though. I hate how in the past episode she complains about Andrew not wanting to be involved and said what parent doesn't care about their child....WHAT?! Says the bitch who was only willing to take probation to see Kesha! She's full of shit and she does not feel bad about her behavior considering she's still fucking up.

jessi... jessicasmom1

stop repeating bad behavior history repeats itself ..........ALWAYS! 

ninag... ninag1980

I have a suspicion Janelle is pretty smart.  If she would just stay on her meds and stop the drugs and hanging with losers she would accomplosh so much.  If you listen to her talk sometimes she sounds pretty intelligent (this is of course when she isnt yelling and cursing at poor Barbara)

Sherie Keegan

because his father is a loser? seriously did you just say that? He may not have been there, but in my opinion that is better than being there and acting an ass. Besides he had reasonable doubt Jace was his, now he know better and hopefully will take part in Jace's life, but Janelle never doubted the maternity of her son and look at her behavior smack in the face of her child.

Jeannie Phillips Morgan

Sherie Keegan its paternity not maternity duh shes an idiot and she should be grateful to her mother for raising Jace because she is incapable! and sure doesn't need another baby EVER!


Sherie Keegan

Paternity is for the father. Maternity is for the mother: point being that Janelle could never say Jace was in doubt hers, and yet she behaves like a buffoon.  Clearly as we can see Andrew did not step up, which is sad. And while yes, it's nice that someone stepped up and is raising Jace, I'm doubting even Barbara was the best choice. Maybe the lesser of the evils, but statistics show that grandparents raising grand kids the result is nearly the same and rarely does the child come out any better off emotionally than the parent did. 

Frances Courtney

if she really wanted to change don't you think she would have by now I mean seriously look at all the crap she has been through already and still nothing has changed....

Jennifer Ramos R

She has done alot of bad and wrong things.... but i know she can change for better.. I'm proud of her for spending more time with her son jace.. No one has the rite to put her down in anyway ya don't live her life..All i want to say is take good care of jace show him that you can get better....




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