Kate Middleton Fanatics Take Their Adoration of the Duchess to a Creepy New Level


kate middletonLooks like people don't just want to emulate the Duchess's style. That's not good enough for her most rabid fans, apparently. They want to have her name too. According to a new poll, February is the month during which most people change their names. And the star people are most likely to change their name to is Kate Middleton. Imitation may be considered the sincerest form of flattery, but this is just plain weird.

The researchers said the reasons for a name change are manifold. Some believe it will give them a fresh start, allowing them to re-invent themselves. Others want to change a name that has long brought them embarrassment (think Mr. Peckermouth) or they share a name with a hated politician. Then there were those who said they would do it for a dare.

Kate topped the list of the most popular celeb names, followed by Cheryl Cole and Helen Mirren. Beyonce made the list at #6 and Marilyn Monroe at #15, but poor Lady Gaga came in dead last (though that's certainly no surprise). Talk about obsessive fans. I love Duchess Kate as much as the next girl, but to have the same name won’t get anyone any closer to that Cinderella dream. It’s actually quite sad. On the bright side, imagine the perks when you make dinner reservations!

What celeb would you change your name to?

kate middleton


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nonmember avatar Carly

My name is Duchess Gummybunsssss.


But seriously, Kate is a nice name.

nonmember avatar Waity McFarty

Waity Kate, the Bimbo From Hellllllll....


Where's the creepy?

Amanda Resendiz

Waity McFarty, honey, have you ever considered getting a hobby? You making rude comments about her just makes you look like an asshole and that 'clever', little nickname you've created makes you look like an immature third-grader. You really need to grow up. This is cafemom, not 4Chan. If you want to be an idiot, I'm sure those tools will welcome you with open arms because they're all as immature as you've made yourself seem.

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