Dina Lohan Wants ‘DWTS’ Spot & It’s the Best Worst News We’ve Heard All Day

dina lohanLindsay Lohan's mother Dina Lohan has no problem being her daughter's sloppy seconds. After Lindsay allegedly turned down an offer of $550,000 to appear on Dancing With the Stars, her mom Dina was all, Oooh! Oooh! Pick me! which, as I'm sure you can imagine, is simply mortifying for everyone involved. Dina sat down with A.C. Slater on Extra to talk about the potential of this oh-so exciting possibility and proved to everyone that, no, her supposedly drunk Dr. Phil interview didn't teach her a lesson whatsoever and she's still more than willing to embarrass herself and her children by chasing after stardom.

And by trying to start a trending Twitter topic begging "fans" to get her on the show, and by writing a tell-book called Parent: Trapped, and by getting into fights with her kids. But who's counting.

Dina Lohan claims she's the most misunderstood parent in the nation, but really, I'm not seeing what's so hard to understand about her trying to capitalize on an opportunity such as DWTS that didn't suit her flailing daughter, who can barely show up on time, let alone stay out of court. 

As a citizen with a handful of morals, I think it's disgusting that Dina would want to bring more attention to herself and her troubled family on DWTS.

But as a lover of all proverbial train wrecks, I think it's a brilliant idea to put Dina on the show. Just think of all the awesome headlines about Dina "pulling a Lindsay" and showing up late and drunk to rehearsals. And how wonderful will it be to see Lindsay Lohan sitting in the front row, reluctantly cheering on her mother who's admitted that it's her fault Lindsay's a mess. And how satisfying will it be when she's voted off early because, really, no one wants to see her on TV, ever. Won't it be swell? I'm serious!

The new season starts March 18 on ABC, with or without Dina.

Would you like to see Dina Lohan on the show?


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Ginny Peluso

No1 but I have a feeling DWTS is now scraping the bottom of the proverbial barrel and I won`t be happy with whoever they cast. It may be time for me to find a new favorite show.

Debbie Deal McGee

There are few people I would rather NOT see on the show. This woman is such a turn off towards anything good and positive in life.....kindly put, I can't imagine who would want to have anything to do with her. She is an opportunist glutton for any attention-negative or positive. I am PRAYING that DWTS will NOT have her on. If they do, I won't be watching.

Lerilynne Halas

No I would not like to see her , but if she is on the show I'm sure they will put her with Max since they can't give him anyone that would give him a chance at winning . It's okay I only vote for him any way .

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