Jake Pavelka Used Cheesy ‘Bachelor’ Charm to Woo New Girlfriend Kristin Chenoweth

jake pavelkaEver since news broke about the budding relationship between former Bachelor Jake Pavelka and Kristin Chenoweth, the one question on everyone's mind has been, "How the hell did that happen?" Well, mystery solved. Jake was all too happy to reveal how he stole her heart. No, it didn't involve voodoo, witchcraft, or holding her dog ransom. But it is surprising the Tony Award winner fell for him. 

"We met at an awards show for Hallmark," he recently told Us Weekly. "She hosted and I was presenting an award." Hmmm. That sounds about as staged as those over-the-top Bachelor dates, don't you think? I have no doubt he used one of his classic pick-up lines. Among his most memorable from the show:

I have a successful life, and live in a nice home, but it means nothing if I can't share it with someone.

Love is perfect, it endures.

I'm not looking for the most beautiful girl. I'm looking for the most beautiful heart.

Did you keep your lunch down? Oh Kristin. Please don't tell us you were wooed by lines like that.

Jake went on to tell Us that "... she's the one who has the talent" (yea, no kidding!) and that things are going "great" in their relationship. We'll see for how long. His "engagement" to Vienna Girardi crashed and burned within a few months and boy was it nasty. As a result, he arguably became the most hated Bachelor in the show's history. And that's saying a lot considering that Brad Womack rejected both finalists in one season finale, and during another, Jason Mesnick changed his mind and traded in his final pick for the runner-up.

Do you think Jake and Kristin are a good match?


Image via ABC

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inter... interzone

Unless Kristin is actually a man, I don't see this one working out for Jake.

nonmember avatar Laureen

U guys need to leave jake alone

nonmember avatar cj

Its fake. He is using her & her name to try to run his 5 minutes of fame further along.... like 6 minutes. No.. 5min 2 seconds. I know she hit her head pretty hard but she will see thru his fakeness soon enough. In the meantime it gets both of their names in the tabloids. Cheesy is right. America already tagged him a looser... I just hope he isnt taking advantage of someone vulnerable & doesn't hurt her unnecessarily.

nonmember avatar Tia

I think CJ may be onto something. Interzone too. Guy is way too obsessed with working out than working on a woman. She is wayyyy out of his league & that bump on her head is probably scared her into being desperate.

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