Jenelle Evans Should Be Scared to Death by Courtland Rogers’ Latest Confession

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jenelle evansI didn't think it was physically possible for a human being to stoop this low, but leave it to Courtland Rogers to prove me wrong. Teen Mom Jenelle Evans' soon-to-be ex-husband admitted on Facebook that he and a cohort sold a story and a video to Radar Online in which Courtland can be seen snorting a white powder and talking about how Jenelle's miscarriage was caused by her heroin use.

Courtland is now, evidently, laughing his f*cking ass off, since, you know, ha ha ha, the video was all a joke because heroin, babies, miscarriages, and marriage are just soooo funny, you guys!

Just so we're all clear on what happened, here's Courtland's take on the events:

omfg so tiffany sold a story to radar oline that we staged lmfao and it was really baking soda i snorted lmfao if u dont believe me then idgaf why was she askin questions a foot away from me lmfao i knew it was happening the whole time>> i got text messages proving it lol....we were gonna split the money and she fucked me over because she spent it all on dope before i could even get up there lol smh

There, lmfao, that should help, smh.

Jenelle's no angel, but this guy sounds manipulative, malicious, dangerous, and worst and scariest of all, dumb. If making and selling a fake video about Jenelle is no big deal to Courtland, what else is he capable of?

I really hope Jenelle's saved up some of her money because that girl needs to lawyer up, ASAP. Courtland is a giant liability who will use Jenelle's MTV-lebrity status to gain as much fame as possible, no matter who it hurts or how it makes him look.

And let's be real, I'm sure that he was a strong force in the decision to fake a pregnancy for attention. Not that that's been confirmed, but I'm sure it will be sooner or later. The fame-hungry don't stay quiet when they have a scoop like that, and any day I expect Courtland, Gary, or one of their respective buddies to come forward with evidence that Jenelle's pregnancy and miscarriage were totally fabricated.

What a tangled web.

If Jenelle has any cash or energy left, I hope she spends it trying to cut Courtland out of her life ... lmfao, lol, smh.

Can you believe Courtland made and sold a fake video?


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sand008 sand008

Can anyone really be that stupid. Grow up

nonmember avatar Alyssa

As you put it, Jenelle's no angel, but damn is Courtland pathetic -__- He used her.. Poor Jenelle. The girl is due for SOMETHING to go right in her life.

cleig... cleigh717

What does she have? A magnetic attraction to losers? Poor poor girl.

nonmember avatar Lizzie D

I've been in janelle shoes with drugs n now I'm a successful counselor, people who have the same interests that are less than admirable commonalities usually attract the same type of company.. I was lucky to never date anyone like myself back than lol but I still have compassion for Jenelle bc even though she's a huge brat I see her getting it together sometime sonn hopefully than later!! But this guy freaks me out to my core, he appears to be a sociopath!! It would hurt so bad to snort baking powder or soda I can imagine n someone willing to do that w no chemical Reward n only hurt someone astonishes me!!! RUN JENELLE RUN FAST N FAR GIRL!!!

4evaD... 4evaDaddysGirl

Poor Girl??? Really...this crazy ass bitch causes her own problems!

xiolxuo xiolxuo

I agree with 4eva.

sofia... sofia0587

That's what she gets in my opinion she keeps surrounding herself around losers and pathetic guys it was bound to happen sometime, I mean I don't wish her bad but she needs to grow the fuck up already and open her eyes to what's going on around her

mlg1989 mlg1989

I don't really feel bad for her. She admitted to heroin use before and you don't just quit that shit. Especially when she's still hanging with scum.

nonmember avatar Monica

Hahaha really?! He's diggin his own grave! Does he really think his baby's mama is gonna let that video fly? If I had a baby and his/her daddy was on video snorting ANYTHING I would use that in court to make sure he doesnt have visitation. He's such a great role model, along with Jenelle!

nonmember avatar bored

duh & who cares.

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