Go Daddy's Nerdy Super Bowl Star Becomes a 'Sex Symbol' & We're Disgusted (VIDEO)

After playing a nerd named Walter in Go Daddy's Super Bowl commercial alongside Bar Refaeli, Jesse Heiman's life has forever been changed. People are praising his gross slobbery make-me-wanna-throw-up-ASAP kiss with the model as totally awesome. Heiman has men tweeting him saying they want to be him, and women asking him to go out on dates. We're dishing on how disturbing all of this is on today's Daily Stir.

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Bar Refaeli Go Daddy Super Bowl Commercial with Jesse Heiman

Do you think this ad pushed the envelope? Do you think Jesse Heiman is sexy?

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nonmember avatar mm

College degree, successful actor...yep that's pretty darn sexy. Sexy because some model slobbered on his face..not so much. He did score man-card points for kissing a model though. I cant hold it against him for acting like a typical guy.

Glenda Wallace Newsom

it depends on what you think sexy is. and to you he may not be sexy but to someone else he may be the love of their life. what is the problem are you jealous that he got to do this. leave the guy alone. we have bigger issues in this world to worry about than some person kissing a model. GET A LIFE PEOPLE...

Roy Bradley

Sounds like someone is super jelous lol

Nelli... NellieAthome

Emily Abate - that you are disgusted with this man and his success says more about you (and not in a good way) than it does about the actor.

mamak... mamakin616

You say in YOUR aricle that   WE"RE DISGUSTED...,who else is writing the article with you??Do  you speak for the  entire staff of The stir /Cafe Mom ??? I think you are a  BULLY ...and the fact that this guy is overweight ,wears glasses and is not as cute  as most of the models in t.v. commercials, and is labeled "NERD" is what is disgusting to YOU...  and that shows how you treat people in General,you are one who thinks only BEAUTIFUL  PEOPLE are to be liked. People like you cause the descrimination and hatred  of those who are different and not .."BEAUTIFUL"...like overweight people,nerdy kids,etc.  GROW UP!!! You are the disgusting one in this case.

Cinthia Zuniga

Dude Get a life... So he's not your typical HOT but he's proud of his accomplishments, whereas your just a blogger spewing your venom. He's just being a guy about the whole situation. Hell if I kissed a REALLY hot model I scream it at the top of my lungs too. Just so you know your coming off as a jealous, classist bully. I'm not disgusted in the least. That's just you so stop generalizing.

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