Another 'Real Housewives' Couple Is Divorcing: OMG, It’s an Epidemic!

Teresa Giudice and Dina ManzoWell, this is a bit unexpected. If I was guessing which star from The Real Housewives of New Jersey would be announcing her divorce, I would have immediately thought Teresa Giudice. Instead it's Dina Manzo, who left the show during season 2 but made a brief reappearance last season. 

Since we never saw her husband, Tommy Manzo, on the show, it's hard to say if this was a long time coming or not, but apparently they split in October and she's been keeping it a secret until this week when she announced it via Twitter.

My secret ... I have been separated since October. My heart hurts but Tommy & I will always share a very special love. So grateful for the support of my loved ones during this time, especially my spiritual friends. You know who u are xoxo.

You have to wonder what Caroline Manzo thinks and if she's one of those who have supported her at this time. I doubt it.

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While divorce is never easy, at least it sounds like things aren't too ugly. Not like some of the other Housewives' divorces we've seen over the years. And holy Botox we've seen a lot. There are almost no "wives" left because they've all split from their spouses.

Do you have any idea just how many Housewives have divorced or are in the process of getting divorced? The Huffington Post puts the tally at 34. That includes a few from their days before they were Housewives, but many of them have happened since they joined the show. That's like an epidemic. I suppose it could be coincidence, but it seems that the pressure of filming the show and having your lives on display (on display) definitely takes its toll. How could it not?

So the big question is -- who's next? I'd still go with the Giudices first, followed perhaps by Alexis and Jim Bellino of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Other than that, there really aren't many left to choose from now, are there?

Which Housewife do you think will head for divorce next?


Image via Bravo

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nonmember avatar Rialdo MInette

Seriously? Are we shocked? It's an age-old story: He marries her for her tits and ass and she marries him for his money? ...and now they're getting divorced. What a surprise! Hey men of the world, tits and ass are fine, but you need some depth and substance if it's going to last. Women of the world, it takes more than tits and ass to make a relationship and have it last. You might also want to think about having more than those things as your only stock-in-trade.

Michelle Marie Poulin-Alling

Thereasa will never divorce juicy joe. Come on the guys is filmed saying my bitch of a wife is coming!!! Hes a dirt bag she knows it and stays because she is codependant on him. He could bring a girl home spend the night in the guest room he will say thereasa wtf is wrong with you shes a friend of my 6th cousin as hes half naked and she would say ok come join me in the shower. I really cant stand her. Anyways I love Dina and wish she would fix things with her family!

nonmember avatar Britt

Does anyone remember Dina on a Vh1 Reality Show My Big Fat Fabulous Wedding?!?

Linda Rizio Boyle

Seriously, word on the street from those live in the area around them are that Dina and Tommy have been separated since before the show began and that he's had a girlfriend for years.

nonmember avatar WendyF

Hopefully Teresa and Joe or Alexis and Jim, but somehow I see these morons st staying together forever. Just to torture us I swear!

Barbara Palaith-Newson

I would never venture a name of the "next" Housewife to divorce.  Never.

Rory Gallagher Vandegrift


I definitely remember that VH1 special and how much was being spent.

Barbara Gotsopoulos

I bet Marissa Zanuck is next, Brandi has her eye on Marissa's husband. Lisa and Ken won't split for her but Marissa will.

Brandi Deeohgee

Not surprised at all..I was never a huge fan of Dina's...always thought her to be pretentious and way too full of herself ( although a perfect bff match for Teresa )...and after last season's appearance on the show, I realized my first impressions were right...can't find happiness when you marry for money!!!You can only PRETEND things are fine!!! She was his trophy and he was her ATM...match made in ??????

piperoni piperoni

Some of the wives were pretty rough on Alexis and Jim last season.I think if it were going to happen it would of already.There back and i am glad.They are my favorites.This year Alexis,watch your back.Gretchen was so wrong the way she treated you season 7. alot of people are saying that.You will shine.Lydia looks nice. laurie is back. Vicki is back with Brooks.Good luck to you all!

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