'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Recap: Camille Grammer Gets Dragged Into Brandi & Adrienne's Drama

Camille GrammerJust when most of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills were having a lovely, drama-free time in Las Vegas, someone had to go and mention Adrienne Maloof. Then it was round 3 billion and something of the same fight that has been raging ever since Brandi Glanville dropped that big bombshell about Adrienne. And somehow it managed to get uglier even though Adrienne wasn't there.

Camille Grammer, who has flown low on the drama radar for a long time now, was suddenly drawn into the whole fray. She was the one who pointed out how she missed Adrienne being there in Vegas, but when Brandi brought up last year's reunion and how Adrienne was trying to get her and Camille to "go against" Lisa Vanderpump, Camille got all sorts of defensive.

Camille confirmed that Adrienne was mad at Lisa about calling her shoe the "Maloof Hoof" (it was a joke!), and that they didn't stay at The Palms for Pandora's bachelor party. Brandi took that opportunity to drop another bombshell -- Adrienne only owns 2 percent of The Palms.


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While no one denied it was true, Kyle told her that was mean. Camille concurred and then threw out that Lisa doesn't own all of SUR. Lisa said she owns 51 percent of the restaurant, which is a lot different than owning 2 percent, but I'm not sure why Camille felt the need to attack Lisa like she did. 

While Camille admitted that Brandi had called her in Hawaii to talk about how nervous she was about the reunion, she wouldn't admit that she knew about a meeting Adrienne wanted to have to talk strategy against Lisa. She accused Brandi of twisting her words and lying. "I can handle it, but I won't stand for it," she said (twice) before storming out.

She finally came back in and they rehashed everything AGAIN. Kyle accused Brandi of lying about having a nose job, and Yolanda just got fed up with them all. Camille still wouldn't own up to knowing about the meeting with Adrienne and was miffed that Brandi put her on the spot. I don't know, but I think she acted a bit too defensive to be telling the truth. And what reason would Brandi have to make that up? I think Camille just doesn't want to be on Lisa's bad side, but she may have blown that anyway tonight.

As for Kyle Richards, she once again didn't stand up for Lisa, and Lisa was hurt. I'm not sure their friendship is salvageable at this point. I'm totally on team Lisa on that one. Kyle is a huge hypocrite for complaining that Lisa always defends Brandi when she and her husband have done nothing but defend Adrienne -- and for likely less noble (i.e., business) reasons. Kyle pretends to want to play nice and in the middle when she's anywhere but. As for Kim Richards, her nose job, and electric cigarettes -- it was all just too bizarre to even wrap my brain around, especially with previews that show Adrienne denying that she sued Brandi. Say what?!!

Do you think Camille was telling the truth? Do you think Lisa and Kyle's friendship can be saved at this point?


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flawskii flawskii

I didn't get a chance to see tonights show but I'm watching WWHL right now and I needed to know the drama and lo and behold you have given it to me...thank you! Now I am staying up so I can see the episode!

nonmember avatar Joanna

I totally agreed with your take on this episode. I don't understand why Lisa would still want to be friends with someone Kyle. She says she is in neutral grounds when it comes to Brandi and Adrienne but so blatantly takes Addrienne side, when in fact it is linked to feud with Lisa to begin with. Lisa stood up for Kyle when she had the feud with Camille like a true friend would, It is just soooo obvious to me that Kyle is flipping jealous of Lisa's popularity while also wanting to kiss Adrienne's ass, she totally stabbed Lisa on the back. I totally see her having the meeting with Camille and Addrienne. It was pretty obvious they all knew what was coming duringt the reunion and wanted to see Lisa hurt. I hate what a shallow bully she really is. She thinks she can put on a fake persona to the audience but ( just as we saw thru Jill in Rhony) we are seeing right through her cunning ways. Kyle should go down!

Trini Villarreal

again gosseper Brandi talking bad about Adrienne, when is this woman's mouth going to shut up!!?, Bravo needs to cut Brandi off the show.....and then that Yolanda woman, who in the hell is she to be throwing stones at Adrienne?, she just came on board, Adrienne has never done anything bad to Yolanda for her to be on Brandi's corner. Yolanda is a witch.......Kyle good for you stick to your principles and never leave Adrienne's corner you continue to be loyal to Adrienne and drop witch Brandi of your list, she is not worth a minute.

nonmember avatar Joan David

Kyle actually used to be likeable; now it is quite apparent that she thrives on her role as trouble maker, with Adrianne and Camille right behind her. I believe all three are jealous of Lisa... the driving ingredient to Kyle's insanity! None of them deserve the kind, committed and honest friendship of Lisa.

Pinkmani Pinkmani

Brandi is a bitter woman!!! Kyle takes Adrienne's side because Lisa takes Brandi's side. 

So what if Adrienne only owns 2% of The Palms, Lisa only owns 51% of Sur. They don't own the FULL thing. 

nonmember avatar Been watching

People like Brandi bug me. Discretion with a friend means nothing to her. She has no respect for other people. Also she makes everything about sex. I'm younger then and countless times while watching I think GROW UP, BRANDI

Mona_... Mona_Munaki

@pinkmani, @Trini:  What show are you watching?  Kyle is the most vicious to show up on reality TV in a long time.  Kyle and Kim are mean, mean girls.  Addie is living in her own world, never missing an opportunity to emasculate her husband.  Taylor needs a lot of therapy from a new therapist (one who doesn't hold sessions on TV.)  Andy tiptoed around Kyle and Mo tonight on WWHL.  It clear from the message boards that viewers are fed up with Addie, Kyle, Kim and Mo.  Thanks goodness Yoyo has some common sense and is not intimidated by anyone.  She told Camille to shush and told Kyle that she was a hypocrite.  Good for her.  No back-stabbing.  She called them out straight to their faces.

katem... katemckenzie

I don't understand why anyone gives shit about this show. The Stir goes total overkill on articles about it, and I'm frankly sick of seeing it. Women are catty, bottom line. All this show and others like it do is encourage us to be a bunch of bitches. They make it out like it's okay to act this way. It's not. Grow up.

JaneD... JaneDoh57

Guess what? I dont care what "secrets" come out.....whats next, the colors they paint their walk in closet??? Ssshhhh, I dont wanna be sued. Hurray, people are finally admitting Kyle is mean. Weren't you watching game night when newcomer Brandi got attacked (verbally and emotionally ie the crutch hiding)? I dont blame Brandi for being Lisas lapdog. She finally has someone to take her back against this ruthless bunch. Just hope Jiggy doesn't get jealous

JaneD... JaneDoh57



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