'Teen Mom 2' Season Finale Recap: Jenelle Evans' Paternity Test Is Pure Humiliation

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Jenelle Teen Mom 2Teen Mom 2 was a mess tonight. Leah's pregnancy news started to spread. First she told Jeremy, then her mom, then her friend, then Corey. The last one was the most painful.

Last night was just a series of painful, humiliating moments for these moms. Leah's whole situation was just so sad. Usually when you announce a pregnancy, people are thrilled and excited for you. In Leah's case? Not so much. Telling Corey was particularly depressing. He actually cried. It was so painful to watch. Even Leah's mom was depressing.

The look on her face. Shiver. Let's just say I never want to see that look on my dad's face. And even worse? That conversation with her friend where she admits she would leave Jeremy if she weren't pregnant. Um, hello? That's not good!

Memo to Leah: Want the man first. Then want the baby. Trust me when I say that no good ever came from a couple who stayed together for the fetus. Oh Leah. Why must you make such rushed, juvenile decisions?

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Of course, the saddest honor of the evening went to Jenelle. She was trying to prove Andrew was NOT Jace's father. But that conversation over Skype with him was one of the most genuinely depressing things I've ever seen on TV.

Jace isn't a doll. He isn't a puppet or some kind of prop who can be shared or tossed around. He is a real person with real feelings and his mom and dad act like complete children.

They brought him into the world in a ridiculous, immature, and irresponsible fashion. Jenelle couldn't have picked a worse baby daddy if she tried. I didn't buy any of what he said last night. First it seemed like he wanted to get out of child support, then it seemed like he wanted to and was thrilled with the results.

Poor Jace is caught in the middle.

Personally, if I were Jenelle, I would be humiliated and angry at the whole idea of having to take a paternity test. She didn't seem nearly as bothered by it as she should have been.

Call me naive or prudish, but I tend to think it's a good thing to know who the father of your child is. That seems mildly important. Jenelle doesn't seem to think it says anything about her that she doesn't know this vital piece of information. Hmmmm.

The whole thing is just a mess. And now we DO know. Somehow I still don't think the problems will be over.

Were you surprised by the paternity results?


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lobus lobus

Last nights epidsode was the most depressing out of all seasons Ive seen so far. I cant believe what a douche he was being over Skype. So many times I just kept saying my god those poor children, their stupid stupid parents...in the words of janelles mom. I think i might cry...

sand008 sand008

Yes I took 5 pregnancy test. But we dealt with it, I was happy after I told people.

mysti... mystica97

While I couldn't agree more about Leah and her situation, partly because I've BEEN there, and I feel so bad for her, it made me cry, I wanted to comment about something you said. 

Janelle is a rough kid, but believe me, she doesn't need to SHOW how humiliating it is to have to do paternity testing.. others tell her that just fine, and she already has been dealing with it. It took strength to go there, by choice, and to imply that people who have had a life that's led to that should be ashamed is both cruel and uneducated. You simply haven't had to live it.. you haven't had a set of circumstances that leads to those situations and it's easier than most think. Don't pass judgment on people you don't even know because of something like that. Sometimes the paternity test has nothing to do with our choices, but rather the man's. I've been in BOTH situations, so yes, I took offense to your comment. That young woman has a LOT of challenges,

mysti... mystica97

but not all of them are created by her, she just has to do her best to live with them, and that takes time, energy, and support, she can't create any of those things, they have to be created by other forces. Yes, it's a horrible shame what these babies are going through in so many cases. I am cringing every time I hear an f-bomb dropped in their hearing, so i am not terribly 'progressive' either, but as Kailyn's friend so aptly stated, they are going to learn how to parent from their parents... the good and the bad, just like Kailyn is learning. Sometimes you have to just get through, and it doesn't always make you screwed up, it makes you human. I applaud Janelle for doing the test, if only for her sanity. Oh do I hope Leah learns to clear up one mess before creating another, but, these are her lessons, and she will learn them, no matter what, eventually. I love Kailyn dearly, I wish I knew her, so I could just give her a hug sometimes, because watching her abandonment issues is heartbreaking. Some of us could take lessons from her on just pushing, even when if feels like you are having to push against the whole world. I cheer her on every week, just hoping that she finds someone she can truly depend on, and trust. My opinion here may not be popular, but I hope I didn't offend anyone as it was not my intention...

Sierr... SierraLynn

Leah needs to grow up. Seriously. I got so mad when she was telling Corey about her pregnancy and engagement when she said "well, I've always wanted a family". Like she was throwing all that in his face. It's really irked me. And I have no problem with everyone in her life not being happy about the pregnancy including Jeremy. She doesn't have the greatest track record for shit like this, does she. She just a little girl so desperate to play house that soon she will get bored or not.get something she wants when she wants it (like what ultimately lead to her first divorce) and peace out. I will honestly be surprised if her and Jeremy last another year or two.

Shasta Ledbetter

Oay i can understand why Cory cried, havein a baby with someone is a special thing. thays his babys mom and his exwife, but Leah needs to step back a moment. She is gona be so embressed when she sees this. Jermey needs to stop and think is she got pg on purpes. tellin ur friend u will leave if ur NOT pg is just wrong. i have always been on Leahs side, but this is makin me think twice about her. You have to stop and think... Did she try to get pg with Jermys baby? Did she get pg by Cory to keep him? it brings alot of questions with no answers. If i was the guys in her life i wuld be wondering!!!

Now there are no words to decibe wat i felt for Jace. My kids dad tells our kids to go find there real father, when he dose i tell him lets take an DNA test, couse iknw who ive been with. why wuld u wait all this time if u werent a 150% sure? im not passing judgement couse ive been there, i just think they need to think twice befor she makes another mistake. its time to get ur life on the right track. if not for herself for Jace. He bipolor shuldnt stop her from been who she wants to be. i love all the teen moms. i hope they have a life that they want,


I think jenelle always knew Andrew was jaces father. She just needed some new drama to add to the show.

Kristen Brown

For it to be embarrssing for her to have to take a paternity test isn't right for you to say. I knew who my son's father was and I still had to get a paternity test because we weren't married. Each state is different on how things roll.

MyToe MyToe

Did Leah get pregnant on purpose?  Well, she did tell her friend last episode that she took out her IUD...that seems pretty pre-motivated to me.

ToolA... ToolArmy066

I agree with above comments but also am like wtf did you call it a baby and then say "No good ever became of a couple who stayed together for the fetus" ? I hate the way people use the word fetus.

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