'Bachelor' Sean Lowe's 'Weird Habits' Are Even Freakier Than You Think

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Sean Lowe The Bachelor

He's hot. He's got an insane body. He claims to be a virgin of sorts. And he's a really, really nice dude. But after hearing about Bachelor Sean Lowe's weird habits, it's quite obvious that there's one thing he most definitely isn't -- exciting.

And I'm not saying that's necessarily a bad thing, because the term "exciting" can sometimes be much more of a curse than a blessing -- and it can mean different things depending on the person you're using it to describe.

Ok, back to Sean's weird habits -- which are way freakier than you ever expected.

Sean told Life & Style:

Most people don’t know that I’m weird and nerdy. I love to read, and I do nerdy things. I do math in my head for fun. I do crossword puzzles; I quiz my friends on historical facts. Most people don’t peg me that way. I don’t like clubs and bars. I’d rather see an indie film at a local theater.

Whaaa? He does math problems in his head. He does crossword puzzles. And he digs history trivia and indie films.

I can't decide if he's really The Bachelor, my grandfather, Jake Gyllenhaal, or a combination of all three. Seriously, what's the deal with this dude?

I mean, I'll give him the "I don't like clubs and bars" bit, because there comes a point in every adult's life when you inevitably start to favor a nice dinner and a glass of wine over a dingy bar and/or loud, raunchy nightclub. 

But sadly, it sounds like Sean went from clubs and bars and skipped over the whole dinner and vino thing, and instead checked himself directly into a nursing home. And it's really kind of a shame, because I'm guessing he's still got a few good years left as far as having a booming social life goes.

Still, there have to be more than a few women out there who will find Sean's habits more than a little bit appealing and possibly even sexy. For his sake, let's hope one of the remaining women on his season is into that sort of thing.

Do you think Sean's geekiness is hot or a huge turnoff?


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rayeo... rayeofmoonlight

None of that is "freaky" at all. Quizzing his friends about history sounds annoying, but other than that, what's the problem?

kjbug... kjbugsmom1517

I dont see the problem either i must be old lol. I think he sounds like a breath of fresh air.

nonmember avatar Amy

I don't see anything wrong with that either. I'm 30 and not real into the partying either. Socially OK but to go out - Nah, not needed. Rather just be at home with my Hubby and kids drinking a glass of wine here and there.

nonmember avatar AJ

This guy gets more interesting by the minute...

Taisie Taisie

Not everyone likes to go to bars and/or clubs, and that doesn't make them weird, freaky, frumpy, or old before their time. My man is 26 and has only been to a bar like 3-4 times, and says it just isn't his thing. We do however like to go out, have drinks and pu-pu's, and just hang out talk the evening away, just the two of us :) We do "quiz" each other on musical history, tv and movie trivia, it's kind of a game, and it's a good time, we don't do it to our friends though,although we don't have many friends, we are as someone once said a pretty "self contained" couple :) But hey, to each their own.

Debby Burger Mayabb

I see absolutely nothing wrong or freaky about Shaun's personality, likes and dislikes. He sounds like a well rounded young man who has led a very blessed life and can offer the same to his gf/wife. I believe that whichever girl he picks will feel as though she just was granted a piece of heaven.

nonmember avatar Jo

How old are you "writer"? I've wasted two minutes of my life reading our ridiculous posting and sad that you get paid for this crap. Nothing wrong with the man and not everyone wants to party their life away, do drugs or live the highlife. You can save this speech for gold diggers like Emily. What a waste to read stupid stuff like this, ya'll have nothing better to do and nothing better to write....pft!

Amy Redmond Bell

HOT. He gets better by the minute!!

Patricia Justice

You know, it's good to see someone who's got both brain AND braun. For once, it would be nice to see MORE of his type just happy with himself, and not having to prove anything. Our society has become nothing more than a bunch of brain-dead, non-thinking, self serving individuals, and he's just proving more and more he's NOT one of those.

Debbie Deal McGee

THere's nothing wrong w/ ditching the club and bar scene. However, he's put the girls in harms way by sugesting they do the "Roller Derby" thing, by subjecting them to climbing 4,000 foot mountains when they are terrified, by prancing them around Alberta, CA in the freezing winter in bikini's to do the polar plunge......maybe he should take into account something a GIRL would enjoy doing on these dates. I would ditch him and suggest he marry one of the guys, so they could be forever jocks. He's apparently CLUELESS when it comes to pleasing a woman.

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