Melissa Gorga's Ex Shares Something So Awful It Makes Teresa Giudice Look Like the Good Guy

melissa gorgaDuring the past two seasons of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Teresa Giudice has made insinuation after accusation about Melissa Gorga being a gold digger. I think Teresa would literally make a pact with god, vowing to never wear anything leopard again if he or she could convince the masses that Melissa married Joe Gorga for money. Teresa hates Melissa with every gold lamé fiber of her being, and she's on a never-ending mission to get the world on her side.

Despite the fact that that's never going to happen, because Teresa Giudice truly is one of the most unlikeable people ever to grace reality TV, a weird, cryptic message that Melissa's ex-boyfriend just tweeted kind of gives Teresa a little bit of a leg to stand on in her argument.

Melissa's ex, Bryan "Bulldog", tweeted:

"I remember the Friday nite u said 2me stop seeing other girls or I will marry that millionaire. 3 months Lata you were married Lol."

Hmm ... That's kinda weird.

Radar Online is reporting that this Bulldog character has plans to expose Melissa as a "fake" to the world, via some supposedly salacious scoop he has regarding her. However, he tweeted: "I do not know where gets their info but I have not stated I was doing anything," so who knows?

Two things are possible here. One, this dude could be another one of Teresa's minions like that bald guy who used to be "Melissa's boss at the strip club," or Melissa really could be a phony.

If I had to pick sides, I'm Team Melissa all the way, as I cannot deal with Teresa Giudice. Like, at all. But I definitely don't think Melissa is as sweet and innocent as she makes herself out to be. I don't think she's a terrible person, but I think what's basically happened is, because Teresa has been so awful to her these past few years, we've been forced to view her as a victim by default.

Whatever the motivation behind Bryan's maybe/maybe-not plans, it's going to be bad times. We either learn that Melissa really did marry Joe for his money and Teresa "wins", or we learn that Teresa really is more insane than we ever thought possible. I'm honestly not sure which is worse. But I would definitely feel bad for Joey G.

Do you think Melissa married Joe for his money? Do you like Teresa?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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Lori Overly

of course she did and stripper/bar tender in a strip club.. same thing.

cleig... cleigh717

Ha! Who's a villian now? Pick one. There are all destroying their families with fame. Evn worse. Their family drama lines their pockets with money. Great group of ppl. Just great. Team Teresa just bc she speaks her mind. Evn if if it doesn't make sense sometimes.

Michelle Marie Poulin-Alling

I love you melissa we love your family. You can tell how much you love your husband. Nobody is perfect by far but I believe in you! Keep your head held high and your spirit inspire many.

Candice Cunningham Burrows

At the time she was probably trying to rub Joe's success in "Bryan Bulldogs" cheating face. Joe and Melissa are clearly in love with each other. You wouldn't see them hopping in the sack if they weren't. Her choice was either a cheat name Bryan Bulldog or Sexy Joe. She made a good choice.

2rcom4t 2rcom4t

I'm not picking any sides. Their all crooked it's just fun to watch these people tear into each other on a daily bases and it's not all real, I mean come on how long can you tear some one up and not bust up laughing at the dialog. 

Angel Noell Bishop

i just say lets just leave these ladies alone and let them live their lives in peace. :>) Because all of this Drama is getting old now.

Marcy Smith

Oh yeah, because an ex can't be paid off..give me a break

Nikki Feazel

I can't stand melissa! She ignorant as hell and she can't sing for shit! She lip syncs!Team Teresa all the way!

Carol Turgeon Lamprey

who cares who did what to whom or what reasons? it's nobody's business and Theresa should learn to keep her nose in her own yard instead of trying to cause havoic in others? for what reasons why Melissa married Joe, I thnk love has alot to do with it! people need to leave well enough alone!

nonmember avatar Teri Walter

I still think Melissa genuinely loves her husband, children, and family.

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