Justin Timberlake Pre-Super Bowl Party Performance Shows He's Back & Better Than Ever (VIDEOS)

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Jay-Z and Justin TimberlakeJustin Timberlake took New Orleans by storm last night, and rocked the house at a pre-Super Bowl party. He performed old and new songs alike, and fans who may have questioned if he could really make a strong comeback after his nearly five-year absence on stage, got some reassurance big time.

Rave reviews are coming in from all fronts. As MTV reported: "Justin fans have nothing to worry about, as his music, dancing and showmanship are at the same level or higher than they've ever been."

The highlight was when surprise guest Jay-Z joined JT for his new song "Suit and Tie," and the crowd at Mark Cuban's DirecTV Super Bowl party went wild. The rapper definitely kicked things up a notch. Check it out after the jump.

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But Justin also stood strong on his own. He debuted new songs, “Little Pusher Love Girl” and “That Girl,” both of which I personally like better than "Suit and Tie." See what you think:


It's good to see him back up on the stage, no? It seems his absence may have just made him grow stronger. He ended the night with his hit "SexyBack," and it's clear that he and his sexiness are back indeed. I can't wait to see if he tops this at the Grammys next week.

Welcome back, Justin. 

What did you think of Justin's performance at this pre-Super Bowl party?


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Pinkmani Pinkmani

I love it!!! One my imaginary husbands! 

Hannah Abbott

timberlake is a no talent hack whose lack of musical ability is masked by high tech sound modifiers and synthesizers . . . just pathetic. .

nonmember avatar Te

Um, no Hannah. I've actually seen him perform live, in the Garden no less. Even in such a huge arena I was surprised his vocals weren't weak. His range was actually the same when he sang a ballad, while he played the piano. That's pretty talented. If you've ever sang on stage, particularly with his high pitched voice, you'd realize how hard it is to make your vocals carry.

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