'50 Shades of Grey' Movie Hopefuls Matt Bomer & Ian Somerhalder Face Off in New Orleans

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ian somerhalderThe Super Bowl may have started out as a game between the two top NFL teams, but it's branched out into so. much. more. Not only is there adorable puppy bowl, but were you aware this was also a Celebrity Beach Bowl? It's when B and C-list celebs get together with retired football players and play flag football on a million pounds of imported sand. But for Fifty Shades of Grey fans, this game might get dirty. Christian Grey hopefuls Ian Somerhalder and Matt Bomer are participants in this all-out, drag-out fight that could end in a broken fingernail. Maybe even two.

Along with Matt and Ian, stars like Snoop Lion (the former Snoop Dogg), Chace Crawford, Josh Hutcherson, Nina Dobrev, Maria Menounos, Scott Porter, Jenny McCarthy, Jesse Williams, and Artie Lange will be there.

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You can pretty much be assured that whenever Maria Menounos is in the line up, shit's a little desperate, but that's neither here nor there.

Anyway, everyone knows that Ian and Nina are a couple (the two both star in the Vampire Diaries) -- maybe this Celebrity Beach Bowl thingy is a nice way for them to spend time together ... and show the world, a.k.a. movie producers, that they'd make a great teammates as Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie.

And Matt Bomer -- maybe he's there to keep an eye on that squirrely Ian and his little girlfriend, too. After all, there have been some naysayers about Matt's potential to star as the sexy billionaire sadist; he can't let his competition outta sight for one second in this tight race.

The real Super Bowl is tomorrow. Neither Matt nor Ian will be in the game, but there will definitely be a lot of beautiful, beautiful pain.

Would you rather Ian or Matt play Christian Grey?


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nonmember avatar Lisa O'Flynn

I would luv to have Matt Bomer to play Christian Grey CEO cause he has style,looks and the body to show 4 it...

nonmember avatar amy

Ian for christian all the way otherwise ill have no interest in it

lasombrs lasombrs

Since when are Ian and Matt B and C listers?

and I am with Amy, team Ian all the way!

nonmember avatar night magic

i love both these guys and i fully believe ian s could do this role but my equal choice would be matt bomer because i know he could play this part very convincingly as well

Melissa O'Neal

I want Ian...oh yeah I want him to play Christian too..LOL Team Ian all the way!

seely... seely1979

You have to watch the you tube trailer that Henry Cavill did you will change your mind. I thought off Matt Bomer at first., but changed my mind when I watch the Immortals. Ian is too small and not Christian material. Henry Cavill first than Matt next.

Nina Hunt

Christian Grey should be played by Ian. He has the look and the sex appeal. He would make the movie, :)

nonmember avatar Aphrodite

Ian, he is definitely Christian at the least that is how i imagined him :P

Yvette Rhea

Ian is how I pictured Christian. Love Ian in TVD and he would be great in the 50 shades movie.

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