'Real Housewives of New York' Didn't Get the Right Shake-Up for Season 6


If you wanna trust a source that spoke to Hollywood Life, then do I have Real Housewives of New York season 6 scoop for you. Allegedly, after some turmoil about what to do with the cast, Bravo has decided to bring back all six of the Housewives from last season. That means Sonja Morgan, "Countess" LuAnn, Ramona Singer, Carole Radziwill, Aviva Drescher, and Heather Thomson all got their contracts renewed for another season.

But! There's supposedly a seventh woman slated to join the NYC fray ...

... but details about who she is are still unavailable. Boo.

I watched last season of the RHONY almost begrudgingly, but once I fell in love with Carole and in hate with Aviva, it became more interesting. I was really tired of Ramona, though, and LuAnn and her pirate-sexing ways were more boring than they were scandalous, if only because no one called her out on her blatant lies.

I mean, when Miss Manners cheats on Ratatouille with some Johnny Depp wannabe she met at a bar, someone's gotta make a fuss. Yet, no one did. LuAnn got to play the bigger person and apologize at the reunion and it was so, so unjust.

Which is to say, I could've done without LuAnn in this upcoming season 6, and same goes for Aviva. (And Ramona, too, which pretty much goes without saying.)

Anyway, Aviva was entertaining to hate during a few episodes last season, but I just don't think it'll be as enjoyable to watch her look down her nose at everyone all over again. We get it, Aviva, you wanted a goddamn sign welcoming you into a vacation home. Yuck.

I suppose all the mystery and intrigue of season 6 lies with this supposed seventh, yet-to-be-revealed Housewife.

I will say this, though, it better not be Jill Zarin.

Are you excited that all six ladies are returning?


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Christi Martin

no so tired of Romana and LuAnn only thing they did right was get rid of Jill

nonmember avatar barbara pagano

DAMN! i thought they would get rid of the "mouth", ramona. I guess, now that she's still on, i'll have to mute the TV. She's a b'atch who know nothing about everything. I guess that's what bravo has to due for ratings!!

Cheryl Legnosky Dorman

I have to agree 100%...so done with Ramona...LuAnn is boring...Aviva can kiss my WHAT?...Love Carole!!!  Sonja isn't even worth mentioning...


tuffy... tuffymama

Me too, Davon!

It would be so great for them to put Danielle from RHONJ on RHONY and make those bitches deal with some REAL psychosis, instead of coasting on their run of the mill vodka and tight-Spanx-induced neurosis.

Joyce H Reiss

I guess Aviva adds the drama.  We always need to hate someone on these shows.  I do wish LuAnn was gone.  She is such a phony.  Classles I believe is the proper word.  Poor Jacque!

mothe... motherof2inFL

i like ramona!  aviva and carol, no thank you.  but no one is as bad as cindy from season 5. 

Kristy Ann

AVIVA and her creepy dad..... disapointing!

nonmember avatar Michelle

Hey! Maybe they're bringing Bethenny back!!! :)

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