'DWTS' Season 16 Casting Rumors Heat Up & Have Us on the Edge of Our Seats

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The premiere of Dancing With the Stars Season 16 will air on March 18 on ABC, so we can't be too terribly far away from a casting announcement being made. If past seasons are any indication, we should know who will appear on DWTS sometime this month, and I'm guessing the news will air at some point during The Bachelor, or maybe even on Good Morning America.

There have been several casting rumors floating around lately, and if some of the names being thrown around wind up competing in season 16, we're in for a real treat.

The DWTS All-Star season is definitely a tough act to follow, and if any of the rumors are true, it looks like producers realize they have to pull out the stops in landing interesting and controversial contestants.

And I'm sure that's the reason ABC offered Lindsay Lohan $550,000 to be on the show -- an offer which she turned down! (Seriously, WTF?)

Damn. How fun would it have been to watch Lindsay stumble across the ballroom floor?

But if we're lucky, we'll have the pleasure of watching another girl who has a reputation for being a party animal. Yep, Jersey Shore and DWTS may collide if Deena Cortese has anything to say about it. Deena has been campaigning hard to land the gig, and I'm honestly not sure producers can pass this meatball up.

And Deena isn't the only reality TV star who may wind up with a second chance at fame, because Bachelorette Emily Maynard is also rumored to be in consideration for a spot. (I'll definitely be rooting for her if she's cast!)

Real Housewives fans will be happy to hear that Kim and Kyle Richards are also possibilities for the new season, which would bring an extra element of drama to the dance floor for sure.

Oh yeah, and remember Katherine Webb? The hot chick from Alabama who had tongues wagging during the BCS championship game? She might make the cut too.

I guess that brings us to the pros. One adorable lady we may not be seeing on season 16 is Kym Johnson, who was just cast on Celebrity Apprentice Australia. Aww. She's so funny and bubbly. The show won't be the same without her.

It's probably safe to assume the rest of the crew will be back, but after the All-Star season, it's going to be tough to see some of them take on new partners. Take Val Chmerkovskiy, for example. How in the heck are we supposed to watch him dance with anyone other than Kelly Monaco? Sigh. Whoever he's paired with, we can be certain we'll never see another connection like the one he had with Kelly. (They should just keep bringing her back each season purely for our entertainment.)

Who would you like to see on DWTS Season 16?


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nonmember avatar Karen Croisetie

Olga Korbut, gymnasts can dance

lulou lulou

No  one whos a "star" from another reality series.

Terry Perham

so far all the people you named are just famous for being famous. I want to see STARS! not just people from reality shows that I don't watch!

nonmember avatar Debsafan

If these are the choices for DWTS, Looks like I want be watching his season.

Melissa Sonnhalter-Price

Marina Sirtis from Star Trek fame. Fans have requested her for the past 3 years. Get people on the show who have star quality and have spent time in the acting profession, not the "reality stars".

Samantha Wylde West

I agree with all of the above. I want to see "REAL" stars, not reality show people. Happy Lindsay said no. Not interested in Season 16 with the people rumored to be on the show.

MamaKat Joyce

well i would not like to see any of the people you mentioned so if that is the line up i won't be watching...especially if the add Emily Maynard to the group...

Melinda Mathias

I think Candace Cameron and Kirk Cameron would be awesome to see face off on the dance floor. Both real stars, Candace is known from Full House and Make It Or Break It. I think that it would be awesome to see this brother/sister battle on the dance floor

Cindy Sensenig Dobbs

Not interested if that's the line-up. I would love to see Brian Boitano!

John Walker

Maria Menounos and Derek Hough another chance they left too soon

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