Beyonce's Super Bowl Halftime Show: Everything You Want to Know (VIDEO)

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BeyonceIf you're like me, you watch the Super Bowl for three reasons: 1) the commercials, 2) the excuse to eat a giant towering pile of nachos at 4 p.m., and 3) the halftime show. I mean, even if the halftime show sucks -- what up, Black Eyed Peas? -- it's fun to tune in and snark on the performance. I have a feeling that the Super Bowl Halftime Show 2013 is going to be pretty damn amazing, though. Because Beyonce.

Beyonce is not only one of the world's most beloved performers, she's kind of got a little ding in her reputation to smooth over. You know, that ever-so-slightly embarrassing lip-syncing stuff. So I'm guessing she's going to be pulling out ALL the stops this Sunday, and personally, I can't wait to see her in action.

While you get ready for the big game (and stock up on nacho supplies), here are 5 of the most interesting things to know about Beyonce's upcoming halftime gig:

She ABSOLUTELY won't be lip-syncing again. The aforementioned Black Eye Peas sang live two years ago, and they were raked over the coals. Madonna lip-synced last year, and most people praised that performance. Expert vocal coaches say Beyonce would be crazy not to at least use a backing track during the halftime show, given how hard it is to sing and dance at the same time, but she made her plans loud and clear when she took the stage at a Super Bowl news conference on Thursday, belted out an a cappella rendition of "The Star Spangled Banner," gave the finger to the media (okay, I made that part up), and said of the halftime show,

I will absolutely be singing live. This is what I was born to do.

She's not getting paid. The NFL's not paying Beyonce's bills, bills, bills: a rep revealed that while she was given a budget of $600,000 for production costs, she won't be receiving an appearance fee for the concert. That's S.O.P. for the halftime artists, but it's widely believed that this year's production costs will exceed her budget (think of THAT while you're watching the show), and she'll pay the difference from her own pocket -- although it's possible her $50 million sponsor, Pepsi, will pick up the tab.

She's been training for three months. So says this report, anyway, which claims she's been rehearsing since October. I believe that, but I'm not 100 percent sure about the rumor that she's demanded that "her baby's cedar bed be shipped from their home in New York to the Superdome, where she wants a nursery decorated with rose-scented candles and kept at a constant 78 degrees Fahrenheit." Although as a mom who can remember how hard it was to travel with a baby, I guess it's not that far-fetched.

She may be sharing the stage with Destiny's Child. This has been one of the hottest rumors swirling around the show, and Michelle Williams has done her level best to keep fans guessing by first saying,

I wish I could help you! It’s still up in the air.

She then turned around and denied the possibility of a reunion:

I'm going to be in the musical Fela! I hate to disappoint the people and tell them that it's not true. I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry. But we did record a song with each other before the holidays.

Don't lose all hope, though, because the Shakespeare Theatre Company has the following intriguing note on its page for Fela!:

She knows how to tease a performance. Here's a 42-second teaser video titled "Super Bowl Halftime Show Rehearsal: Day 1" that Beyonce released on Thursday, set to her song "Countdown." It's juuuuust enough of a peek at Beyonce and her dancers to get us excited for more.

Are you looking forward to seeing Beyonce's halftime show? Do you think there will in fact be a Destiny's Child reunion?

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nonmember avatar Gretta

This is the lady who didn't have *time* to prepare for our President's inauguration??? Color me NOT IMPRESSED.

bills... billsfan1104

Her rendition sounded awful at the press conference. No wonder she lip synced. She will have a good show. She still can't sing. Notice the the artists that can sing, can't dance or perform, like Whitney Houston, any the one who can't sing, have the best performance, like Janet and Beyonce.

nonmember avatar singer825

Ok so I've sung live onstage for years. And yet, if I had to perform for the president (hello nervewracking), in frigid weather (super bad for the voice), with a band I wasn't able to practice with (for whatever reason), and sing one of the hardest songs ever written, I would consider singing over a pre-recorded track too. The weather alone would make me pause. Her voice is her moneymaker and singing in super cold weather is terrible, awful, horrible for your voice. Yes Kelly Clarkson sang, and I loooove her btw, but Kelly has also blown her voice out and been on vocal rest many times. So Beyonce made a choice. Let it go people.

P.S. When it comes to the mechanics of singing Beyonce *can* sing. You may not like her voice which is different then her being unable to sing.

Jscot... Jscott1216

Unimpressed. Can't stand her pompous ass. Not sure how or why she was chosen to play at the Super Bowl but you can bet when the half time show starts ill be checking out other channels as I believe there are many MANY other more talented and more deserving people out there.

Jessica Peterson

Watch the halftime and I was not impressed, once she lip-sync, how would anyone now she did it here. NFL needs too bring back the groups that people have heard of, and you enjoy watching.

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