Khloe Kardashian Disses Kris Humphries & Sounds Like a Total Hypocrite (VIDEO)

Khloe KardashianIt's no secret that Kris Humphries has been trying to humiliate Kim Kardashian ever since their divorce -- which is why I totally understand why Khloe Kardashian has such a strong hatred for the guy. She just wants to defend her sister, it's only natural. I get it.

But when Kris was brought up during a recent interview on Watch What Happens Live, Khloe took things a little too far. Even for her.

In fact, what she had to say about her former brother-in-law actually makes her look like the fool. Check it out:

She said:

He's, in my opinion, delusional. He's fame-hungry, in my opinion. He wants money ... I just think everything he's doing is so -- it's just gross to me.

Um, wow. This is kind of awkward. Hey Khloe? Are you unaware that your family is, like, the most fame-hungry family ... like, ever? Yeah, so about that ...

Look, I love the Kardashians, and I especially love Khloe -- but her comments about Kris are just so ridiculous. Fame-hungry? Really? Coming from a woman who got married on television, endorses every product under the sea, and has, like, 75 spin-offs? Sounds like the pot calling the kettle black if you ask me.

Is Kris just looking for attention? Perhaps. But Khloe Kardashian isn't one to point fingers.

Check out the rest of Khloe's interview here:

Do you think Khloe sounds like a hypocrite?

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nonmember avatar Anne

Ummm yes she is a hypocrite, the maybe Kim shouldn't jump from man to man marry them and then dump them. From reading the sites wen they got married Kris wanted to move to his hometown (it is in sticks)but Kim couldn't deal w/ that becasuse she is money hungry and wanted some big house...Whatever considering the source Kim and family are famous b/c of a sex tape Kim was w/ a Dlister Celeb...So really I always consider the source, I think its gross KK is famouse from getting smashed from behind...and its funny Kims 1st hubby doesn't have kind things to say Damon Thomes Entertainment Exec or Producer something has alot of money google him about his marriage to Kim, he said Kim is money hungry red his interviews...Anyone who cries over diamond earnings lost i ocean or cries over vintage vesace sunglasses - considering there is insurance for that- REALLY....KK dumped Kris cuz he doesn't have enough money I bet...She is gross for her claim to fame being a fake porn star now acts like she has a halo on her head! Nick LeShay, Gabrielle Aubrey, Reggie Bush, Damon Thomas (1st hubby), Kris Humphreys, Tito Jackson, Ray J (Dlister sex tape partner), now Kanye...Wow and there r prob more when dont know of...Yeah classy everyone has seen her get banged from behind..What a role model...

nonmember avatar Leonni

Kris is totally not fame hungry!!!

They all claim to be so over him but they can't keep talking about him_maybe she should do what a non-fame hungry person like Kris does and say "no comment",Simple. I bet the only time they cross his mind is when other ppl mention them. Oh maybe she thought they asked about Kris Jenner

DebaLa DebaLa

I agree with Khloe, what's so bad about calling out the truth? Who cares that her whole family are fame whores. That doesn't discount or excuse Kris' actions. The K's unabashedly are in business and the public eye to make money, whereas Kris who was in a marriage — with a prenup in place — wants some of that action. He IS delusional, imo.

And, what's wrong with her makeup? She almost doesn't look like herself.

nonmember avatar Lexi jordan

@DebaLa I dont think it's her looks like she had some sorta cosmetic procedure.

nonmember avatar Amy

I co-sign everything Anne said. And what the f@#% happened to this tricks face?

nonmember avatar Chasity

He is not fame seeking he wants her to admit she used him and then dumped him that's all he wants but she doesnt want to admit that she was in the wrong they have already offered him millions to go through with the divorce he said not until she admits it was all a lie!

Caydee Jones

I agree with Khloe. Khole is one of the famous people I look up to. I've never even liked Kris Humphries to begin with. He was a total prick and he's just mad because he can't move on.

lvmom76 lvmom76

I don't know how anybody can look up to the Kardashian's. Really? They are hypocrites! The only reason why they're in the spotlight is because of Kim because she made a sex tape and it went from there. They're all whores In many different ways a.k.a. Famewhores

nonmember avatar Beth

I think she is pregnant and that is why her face looks different. There have been rumors she is and it makes sense bc she was going through fertility treatments on Kourtney & Kim take Miami.

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