Honey Boo Boo's Mama Makes a Confession Sugar Bear Won't Like

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mama juneSay what you will about the Here Comes Honey Boo Boo clan, but you have to appreciate the fact they are incredibly honest about their lives. They don't care if we think Sketti is gross or that mud boggin' seems like a crazy, dangerous sport.

But as open as they are, they still manage to surprise us sometimes. Take the latest confession from mama June Shannon about her relationship with baby daddy Sugar Bear. It's a doozy!

When The Huffington Post recently asked her what's the silliest thing she's ever lied about, she revealed:

Spending more money on something that I bought for Sugar Bear than I actually did. There are times when he’s asked about how much pageants cost. I’ll lie and tell him it’s less because I think it’s important to spend the money on Alana and do what makes her happy. Sugar Bear also doesn't know anything about clothes, so if I buy him something nice, I won’t tell him that I got it on discount.

So basically, honestly isn't always the best policy when it comes to mama’s nine-year romance with Sugar Bear. Clearly his ignorance is her bliss. Though, it's a pretty smart move on her part. In fact, we all have been guilty of this at one time or another, haven't we? A fib about how much you occasionally spend is one of those little white lies that can help a relationship. Why risk getting into an argument because you spend too much or making your partner feel bad because you spent too little on their gift? Smart move, Mama. Smart move.

What do you think of Mama's little white lie?


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MrsMu... MrsMumolo

This woman makes me cringe!!

I really try not to judge people, like I REALLY REALLY TRY, but this woman and that disgusting child of her's....ugh! I just want to slap her. She is like the epitome of all that's wrong with America...


angel... angelofsaturn

I've done it.

My fiancé HATES for me to spend any money on him(like he doesn't even want me buyin us dinner) cause he is a stubborn man.

I also don't tell him how many clothes I buy for our daughter just cause he thinks she has enough but she hit a growth spurt so now I haz no choice but to get her clothes.


The.H... The.Hug.Life

@MrsMumolo, for someone who tries not to judge, you just called a CHILD disgusting. Seriously, no matter how vehemently you disagree with someone's lifestyle, calling a child any name is soooo wrong.

Blair... Blairmirth

eh..live and let live.

squee... squeekers

It's only a white lie to yourself. Once you tell the camera crew filming your family - it isnt a secret anymore.

Michelle Oddie Levesque

I agree that this family lacks class but I will say they are a loving family that cares about spending time together and I think that's really all that anyone should talk about when they see this family. Talking about how they look and how they eat is judgementle. I never hear anyone talk about the things they do together or how close they all are. Say what you will about them but I know several well off families that could care less what their mom or brother or sister is doing. At least they love each other and show it.

Cathy Petersen Schwab


owllady4 owllady4

  Really don't care....really should take show off the air....

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