'Glee' Recap: Does Anyone Really Want to See Rachel Berry Topless?

Glee NakedRemember when Glee was shocking parents with their threats to show two gay teenagers kissing? Or talking about teenagers losing their virginity? Ah, those were the old days when life was simple and pure.

Now it's 2013 and Rachel Berry is threatening to expose her bare breasts to the world. What a long way we've come from bobby socks and plaid skirts. We had to face the idea of Rachel Berry going topless.

Did anyone really want to see that? Besides Brody, that is?


I think not. So here's where we send a huge thank-you to Ryan Murphy and the crew for sparing us. We just couldn't see Rachel Berry's boobs.

There's only so much our hearts can handle.

I think we all knew it wasn't going to happen.

Oh, the writers gave us a nice setup. They even dove-tailed Rachel debating a topless scene in a film student's movie nicely with the guys in the Glee club back in Lima doing a pin-up calendar to raise money for sectionals. Working an intervention in so we could get some much-needed Santana and Quinn face-time was some sweet icing on the cake.

But it's like I said, we knew it wasn't going to happen. It couldn't if we were going to continue cheering for Rachel.

The Rachel Berry in New York with sexy new clothes and a live-in boyfriend who eats his cereal in the buff still has to have some hint of the small town girl that makes us fight for Finchel on Twitter every now and again. She's the girl who wants to think of herself as someone who has no fear, who thinks she will throw off a bathrobe and go totally topless for an acting gig. But the Rachel Berry we were willing to follow after graduation is the one who is much too insecure to actually let herself do it.

After all, if we knew she'd have the chutzpah to do anything she set her mind to, we'd have let Rachel go after Finn dropped her at the station and moved on to Marley. But as long as Rachel can come thisclose to going topless and still back away, we'll keep coming back.

What did you think of how they played it? Would you have been turned off if Rachel actually went through with the topless scene?


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