Hilarious Anne Hathaway Parody Pokes Fun at Actress' Play for an Oscar (VIDEO)

anne hathaway parody emma fitzpatrickEver since we saw the first stills and footage of Anne Hathaway as Fantine in Les Miserables, you just KNEW the once Princess Mia Thermopolis was makin' her first bid for an Oscar. Now, after sweeping the Globes and the SAG Awards, it looks like she's definitely primed to snag that golden statue on February 24. But out of tradition and courtesy, she -- just like all other nominees -- still has to ask the Academy "for their consideration" ... 

And it's this premise that has set the stage for an absolutely hilaaaarious parody of Anne's "I Dreamed a Dream" performance, appropriately entitled, "For Your Consideration." The clip stars Emma Fitzpatrick (who appeared in The Social Network and The Collection) as Anne as Fantine, singing OMG so funny altered lyrics like, "I coughed and wheezed and cried in every scene until I died!" HA. Check it out ...



So, so funny. I love how it's such a send-up of awards season and the Formula that never seems to fail. You know, the one that goes like this: Pretty, young actress transforms herself via drastic measures (be it extreme weight loss, gain, makeup, CGI) to portray a tragic, disturbing mess of a character (see Charlize Theron in Monster) and is automatically feted for her dynamic, earth-shaking performance. It's almost so predictable that it's, well, laughable. Nonetheless, we'll still be cheering when Anne nabs her award for Best Supporting Actress on Oscar night.

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And oh yeah, I'm cheering for Emma Fitzpatrick, too! Man, can that woman belt. After this, I'm predicting there'll more leading roles in her future.

How funny is this? Do you think Anne will win an Oscar this year?


Image via AlbertoBelliChannel/YouTube

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