'Teen Mom 2' Cancellation Is Definitely for the Best (VIDEO)

Whether or not we'd like to admit it, Teen Mom has become an MTV monster and the network's realizing they've bit off more than they can chew. The New York Post reported that the network's cancelling the show for one major reason: Jenelle Evans. Yup, apparently Mrs. Courtland Rogers (until the divorce happens, anyway) is too much of a liability, one they don't want associated with their brand.

Are you surprised? Can't say I was. Hear all the details on today's Daily Stir:

For more info on the story you just heard, click here:

'Teen Mom 2' Cancellation Has Been a Long Time Coming, Thanks to Jenelle Evans

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Jenelle Evans

Are you bummed Teen Mom 2 is cancelled? Are you tired of Jenelle Evans?


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othermom othermom

I am not to big on teen mom 2, although I agree the show has gone to far

nonmember avatar Ashlee

im highly ticked off. y not jus kick jenelle off the show I mean for real... if that's a big problem jus eliminate the problem... that's not fair to the other gurls who aren't causing problems... im livid..

Kyra Webb

I'm a bit heart broken. I grew up in the generation of Teen Mom. I feel like I grew up with these girls.

nonmember avatar Crystal

Of all people, I don't think it's fair to Chelsea and kailyn. They both have their life on track! If anything MTV should give them both a spinoff!!

Dawn Pennington

I have always loved the show. I'm 38 and it has made me never want kids, but I enjoy seeing how the girls grow and deal with their lives. But if we the viewers (via MTV itself) are responsible for unleashing an Amber and a Jenelle into the world every season, then I'm' sorry to say this needs to end now.

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