Ian Somerhalder Wants You to Have a Piece of Him This Valentine’s Day

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Ian SomerhalderI don't think there's an actor out there who really wants the role of Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie as much as Ian Somerhalder. Let's look at the evidence, shall we? First, the guy was reading the book, then he was reading scripts for the movie while on set, then he made a steamy movie trailer where he embodied Christian, and then -- and here's the kicker -- he may or may not have built a dungeon in his basement. Holy WOW!

Well get this -- the leading man for the coveted Christian Spot wants YOU to stare at him endlessly this coming Valentine's Day. Prepare yourself for the ultimate tease. Ian is auctioning off signed photos of himself to benefit his foundation featuring one of two sayings: "My love for you will never die" and my personal favorite "You look delicious."

Oh Ian, you always know how to rile 'em up.

We haven't even got to the best part, yet. Ian will personalize the photo, too! How fabulous is that? Autographs aside, though, it's always great to see a celebrity use their good looks for a good purpose. Ian knows that there are loads of women who wouldn't mind sharing a night out with him this Valentine's Day, and now, they can. Just, you know, they'd be out with their girlfriends carrying his signed photo around. Same thing.

Would you put an offer in for your own signed Ian photo? Do you think this is something Christian would do?


Image via Colassal Partners

fifty shades of grey


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handy... handy0318

He looks like he went overboard with blush and lipstick in a very girly shade of pink. Sorry, just not manly enough to be a fantasy heartthrob for me.  I'll stick with Mark Wahlberg...

handy... handy0318

OK, Ok, ok.... my daughter forced me to google some pictures of Ian and I take it back... He does look a bit girly in the one picture, but I have to agree, he's smokin' hot.

Melissa Kelly

This picture was obviously touched up as you can see by the back ground having a totally different shade.He is totally HOT but he never looks this girly ladies lol :)

Cheryl David Marks

Ian is  unbelievably beautiful... in the books Ana talks about how he is much too beautiful... she doesn't call him handsome or cute... something like, too beautiful to be real... I hope the producers/directors etc make his hair have those 'glints of copper'.... Not a red head carrot top, but highlights. While some of the other guys in the running are good looking; they are not 'drop dead gorgeous or too beautiful." I think a man like that would have some 'feminine traits'... Ana says a couple of times that some man or other stares at CG.


Cea Reaa

Not Ian's fault that he is so beautiful&his looks are almost as delicate as a woman's ,in real he's the most awesomely kind,warm gentleman eve&he works in his own capacity for the environment&he'll go out of his way to get funds for his charity foundation..so obviously if people r gonna buy his signed pics he'l do it..it's not meant to advertise for the role even though it will be good for his career to get a famous role..I wish him all the very best,let's for his sake wish that those who call him feminine get their choice of a manly looking actor for the role christian grey so that they can fantasize about a masculine man..!leave Ian out of these speculations please..

Paula Zimmerman

I can't imagine the role played by anyone other than him!

rccol... rccola1945

  I never thought of Ian, lookingfeminine, at all. He is, smoking hot, as far, as I'm concerned. He's not big, with muscles, like a body builder, but, handsome. Don't point fingers, unless, you, have, it all, baby.

nonmember avatar Leigh

I don't want a piece of him, I WANT ALL OF HIM. He is truly a beautiful man my CG

Debra Anduaga

he is the only reason why i watch Vampire Diaries!! nough said beautiful!!!

ToolA... ToolArmy066

Why is he wearing make up?? *shudders*

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