Brandi Glanville Calls Eddie Cibrian the Most Emasculating Thing Ever!

brandi glanvilleI'm not going to lie: I think it would be mighty fun to have a drink with Brandi Glanville. But, were that ever to happen, I think I would want our relationship to end when we part ways at the end of the night. Because although Brandi seems witty, and sarcastic, and silly -- all characteristics of a good "going out" friend -- I'm not sure I'd ever be able to believe her. About anything! And I definitely wouldn't want to get too close to her out of fear I'd get on her bad side. Because when you cross Brandi G. -- cat noise! -- the claws come out.

In Brandi's new book, Drinking and Tweeting & Other Brandi Blunders, she claims that her ex, Eddie Cibrian, was impotent. A harsh accusation in and of itself, but the weird thing is, this is coming after she recently said on Watch What Happens Live that Eddie was a 9 out of 10 in the ol' sackaroony. What up, Brandi?

In her book, Brandi claims that Eddie was worried about his thinning hairline, so he started taking Propecia. And a side effect of Propecia is impotence evidently. Things got so bad between the couple that, at one point, Brandi had to stage an "it's either me or the Propecia" type of intervention. And yeah, it's in print for all the world to see.

Couple things here. One, like I said, Brandi just said that Eddie was an amazing lovah a few weeks ago, so this isn't adding up. Two, wow, this is pretty mean. Sure, Eddie's a jerk for leaving her for LeAnn Rimes, but calling a dude limp and bald. Yowza, Brandi. And lastly, I know that she's the lovable potty mouth who doesn't think before she talks and all, but there's going to come a point here where people don't find Brandi so lovable anymore. I 100 percent think that she's in the right here -- she was the person who was epically screwed over. But if she doesn't come up for air amidst her trash-talking sessions regarding Eddie and LeAnn, she's going to come off as mean. People will eventually forget that she's a woman scorned and think she's just nasty.

At the end of the day, what Eddie did was wrong, and if I had to choose sides between LeAnn and Brandi, I'm definitely Team Brandi, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't have a tiny pang of sympathy for Eddie after hearing about what Brandi wrote. Just one of the many deep thoughts I've had today. Ooh, look, a bird. 

What do you think of Brandi's latest accusation?


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thing... thingz123

She's got bats in her belfry, just like Leann Rimes does. Of course she was wronged, but that doesn't excuse her continual lack of class, vulgarity whenever she opens her mouth and perpetual bitching about Leann and Eddie every. five. seconds. I don't feel nearly as sorry as I should, because she doesn't know what taking the high road is.

nonmember avatar Teresa g

Maybe he was good with his mouth & that made him a 9 out of 10. I love Brandi & I think she adds a dash of reality to this "reality" show. She is who she is & that's like a lot of us... I can't relate to most of the housewives. I can Brandi.

nonmember avatar Kelly

Do you expect anything less of Brandi she is full of nothing but low blows. I've heard of bring a bitter woman but she's milking this all the way to the bank. Enough how long had it been you Gabe your kids and you are healthy...time to let things go. Bitterness makes you look old....

Gloria Woods Kotos

I hope her ex will sue her for for nose job but is not nose job it was something else. I never like her she need soap in her mouth.I was hope that her ex will do something about her.

Deborah Gardner

Brabdi is fake media hoe... she buddies up with Lisa so she can come back for the next season.... when Lisa wasnt good friends with Taylor  Brandi went after her ... now that Lisa and Adriann  arent friends  Brandi goes after Adrienn...   Brandi is nasty and classless  what is Lisa thinking  getting buddie    buddie with her........

amiec... amiecanflie

I felt for her for all of 2.5 seconds, until she opened her mouth... I'd rather be with Leann Rimes than her too!!

Barbara Schuima

I like Brandi. She was most likely not lying...he was a good lover until propecia ! It's says that it can cause impotence and I hope he still has it !!!   Team Brandi !!!  Eddie is a cheating dirtbag and LeAnn spends all her time copying Brandi and she'll never look half as good and I can't wait until Eddie does her wrong...will be fun to watch......KARMA !!!!

nonmember avatar Sara

I think after this book, she needs to shut up. Brandi has been tortured by Leann Rimes for years. Unless you're on Twitter, not many people know how Leann has used Brandi's children against her. And that breaks my heart! Leann has done one interview after another about 'her heartbreak' and I'm interested to hear about Brandi's story. But after that, she needs to stop talking about it.

Jessica Page

If leann had kept her mouth shut and not thrown her "winning" in Brandi's face for the last 2+ years this book probably never would have been written, but leann just had to gloat, so now leann is getting it back two-fold.

Etta Samples-Bredeson

I hope what she said is TRUE !! I hope he's got a LIMP one and it stays that way from the Medicine that he took/takes !!! HAHAHA I call that KARMA !! maybe that is why that Winnie ASS LeAnn is crying all the time ... She isn't getting any.. that woudl be so laughable...They are BOTH Cheating PIGS and deserve each other... I say go Brandi and make your money anyway you can and if that means trashing these 2 so be it.....

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