'Bachelor' Contestant Selma Alameri's Fake Purity Is Really Annoying (VIDEO)

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Selma AlameriBachelor contestant Selma Alameri is one of the most beautiful contestants in the history of the show. She is also one of the most "private." She told Bachelor Sean Lowe that if he wants a kiss, she is going to have to be his "one and only." Using her mother as an excuse, Alameri's "traditional" values sure do seem alluring to a born-again virgin like Sean.

But I call BS. Seriously.

This is the oldest trick in the Bachelor book and one many girls have tried to pull off. The hotter you are, the more you can make yourself stand out by NOT giving up the bod quickly. To a guy like Sean, it's completely alluring. After all, he loves religion, right? See below:

Of course, Sean is too dumb to know he is falling for the oldest female trick. Act all innocent and precious in order to make him fall for you. They don't call them "the rules" for nothing.

My husband once dated a woman who would spend her Saturday nights having premarital sex, drinking underage, smoking pot, and doing God knows what else and then would wake up Sunday morning crying about missing church.

You can't have it both ways. You can't prance around in a bikini on national TV, date a man so publicly, and then proclaim your innocence and virtue. It's just so obvious.

This is a common female thing in general. This emotional dishonesty. And it's never clear whether the women are doing it for the man's benefit or doing it because they believe it.

I have to believe, though, that on some level, Selma believes it. And yet, she poses in bikinis. What a joke.

We can't have it both ways. We can't be both the virgin AND the whore and both labels kind of suck anyway. If Selma wants to kiss Sean, she should. Or not. But either way, let's not pretend to be something we aren't just to get a man.

It doesn't become us.

Do you think Selma is "faking" her purity?


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bella... bellacazzate

Whenever I hear the term "born-again virgin" I want to throw up. It is delusional to perpetuate such a belief that you can declare yourself a virgin again for some sort of religious redemption. What a sham. 

These people are subpar actors and actresses in it for their 15 minutes or to make it so far that they become the next season's bachelor/bachelorette. No truly devout/pious person would resort to exploiting themselves on television. Is modesty not at the root of every religion? This is self-promotion, strategic planning, and a tactic for staying in the game... but I thought everyone knew this? Does anyone actually take this show seriously? I thought it was watched for its occasional "drama" and constant cattiness and served as a jump-off point for some of the contestants. 

Anyway, blah blah vocal fry.

Lisa Gelpi

Hell yes she is faking it!! She says she s Muslim and can't kiss in public, but she an come on a sow like this? She might be hot, but she will lose in the end if she keeps this up!! He might think she is hot but until he kisses her he will not know if it is real or not!!

Felly... FellyScarlett

Jealous much? Seriously, you sound pathetic.

Mike Cobb

I don't believe either one of them is as devout as they want the public to believe. As a born again Christian from Dallas, TX, the odds are Sean is a conservative Baptist. Yet I have caught snippets of him consuming alcohol and using bad language; both of which would be totally out of character. Where Selma is concerned, she dresses and undresses like a modern American woman. Yes, I said "undresses." She has worked as a model and has posed topless for a photo shoot which was on the net until it got pulled a couple of days ago.

If one of them is legitimate, both of them are. And if they are serious about their traditions, customs, and religion, they have differences that make them incompatible, period. The only way Selma will ever find a husband her parents approve of, is to go back to Bagdad.

Jamal Mounir Dandan

Well Selma, you spoke of your mother's conservative's culture, yet she is not on the show, you are. Selma we have to be true to ourselves and not hypocrite. The mistake we always do is mixing culture and religion , where culture is man made and religion is revealed from God Almighty . Conservative or not, publicly or secretly one can't escape what God oversees. Being born in a conservative muslim family and being on show seeking this young man you will find it contreversial , contradictional, and hypocritical if you follow the same principle that you were born into.

Emme Magaz

Read Selma Alameri's interview with Emme Magazine on Love, Life and Lake Louise


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