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Heath... Heather.Rose

I personally think the House of Night series is another great series. But then again, I also like the Twilight books.

chigi... chigirl1228

Yes! I was going to add House of Night.

nonmember avatar Bernarda

I loved the gemma doyle trilogy, but I was upset about the end. It was amazing but so sad!I started to read the evermore series, but I stopped, not because it wasn't good it was AMAZING!I read the first beautiful creatures book and thought it was awesome, but the second one, was boring couldn't finish it. :( All of these books are young adult, though. I am a teenager,but I think it's a little weird that old people are reading these. No offence I consider 25 old.

MamaL... MamaLioness2012

There is also the "undead" series by charlaine Harris (they all start with undead, there's undead and unemployed, undead and unreturnable, etc), there is the Anita Blake and Merry Gentry series by Laurell K Hamilton but beware of the Anita books because there are at least 20 of them and they start gettin repetitive after a while but the beginning is incredible. I know I have more but I have to rifle through my bookshelf.

Bruic... Bruickson

Lol Bernarda. I hope you remember yourself saying that when you turn 25. It'll give you a good laugh.

But back on topic. I really love the sookie stackhouse series. I think it's way better than the show.

Amy Sykes

Nice Girls Don't Have Fangs (and it's 3 sequels) by Molly Harper are some of the best vampire books I've read. They're so funny. If you like vampire books check them out.

Pinst... Pinstripes4

I HATED Beautiful Creatures. Please don't read it. I do like the Undead series; it's fun reading.

Pinst... Pinstripes4

Also Blue Bloods is a bore and Vampire Diaries is kind of ridiculous (the tv show is far superior). Vampire Academy is slightly poorly written and the protagonist is infuriating, but the story caught me hook, line and sinker.

...I think I read too many of these books.

linzemae linzemae

I read the first few in wicked lovely. Couldnt finish the last

Pinst... Pinstripes4

O and The Mortal Instruments is a good story, though the writing could use some work and there is a great level of ickiness. The film adaptation is currently in production, starring Lily Collins.

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