Kristen Stewart Admits She Misses That ‘Twilight’ Feeling & So Do We! (VIDEO)

kristen stewart toneIt's rare that I'm moved by something Kristen Stewart says. She makes me laugh, that's for sure. Remember the Florabotanica live chat? And that bizarre interview in Japan? Ah, classic KStew. But I was actually touched by something she said recently. She misses that feeling she got filming the Twilight saga.

Um, honestly, there is a certain tone that is, was set, in the very beginning. It’s carried its way through the entire series. That tone is struck anytime any of us are in the same room together. Whether we are shooting or not shooting, or watching the movie back or doing press, anything involved with Twilight. Suddenly it just has this feeling. I know that sounds really vague but I’m really gonna miss that feeling.

Awww, Kristen. We feel you. We really do.


We haven't talked much about this, but there was sort of a melancholic lull that settled over us after all the Twilight saga hoopla was finally over. I have to admit -- it was all kind of fun. And I'm sure it was even more fun for the cast and crew, too.

Can we all just have a moment here and admit we miss that Twilight feeling?

And now Kristen and Robert are living on different sides of the world from each other, and we're not even sure if they're even still together or not. It really is the end of an era.

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Can't you just see now how Kristen and Robert couldn't help falling for each other? It was kind of the whole environment. But now they have to sustain that magic feeling away from Twilight, and life must feel really different now. I don't think every film project can cast the same spell Twilight did on its cast. But I hope everyone involved finds new projects they love (almost?) as much.

Do you miss that Twilight feeling, too?


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