Robert Pattinson's Blonde Friend Says He 'Looked Stoned' -- Scandal!

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robert pattinsonRemember that fetching young lady Robert Pattinson was hangin' with Down Under? You'll never guess what she insinuated about our RPattz. Apparently she tweeted along with that photo we're all so envious of: "I'm touring with the big day out festival in Australia and he's here. Chilled out bloke. Think he was stoned ha!!"

Wha?!? Robert Pattinson -- STONED?!? How dare she insinuate that Robert inhales marijuana, how dare she? "Think he was stoned." He was on the other side of the world from his home, you know. Maybe he was just a little disoriented.

Okay, I'm finished pretending to be outraged. Actually, I think this is pretty funny. And it wouldn't surprise me one bit if he did have a few herbs running through his system. Some people think pot is less harmful than alcohol. He could be one of those people! I'm not saying he IS. I'm just saying.

Of course, there are plenty of other reasons why he might seem stoned. He could actually have been drunk. Come to think of it, for some reason, it seems 100 times less skeevy to be stoned than drunk. He could have had jet lag. He could have OMG, FAN ATTACK social awkwardness disorder (maybe he caught it from Kristen). Maybe he just acts stoned all the time -- maybe that's his personality. Maybe he was on cold medication. Maybe Alexandra's just joking!

WAIT WAIT WAIT: This just in. Alexandra tweeted a recant: "Confirming that RP was not stoned.was said in a joke comment.he seemed chilled which is nice.very pleasant.didnt mean to cause upset." Poor Alexandra -- she must have really gotten it from the most deranged RPattz fans.

Do you think Robert Pattinson ever gets stoned -- in private?


Image via Twitter

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nonmember avatar Jdudy Swartz

He mentiioned in an article awhile ago that he is allergic to pot

nonmember avatar colleen

I wish u people would knock it off. The girl was a fan who he took a pic with for heavens sake. Get a life. I am sure he tells you everything going on with his life.

Beverly Granger Quick

It's nobody's business if he was. Besides this looks like a picture that was taken a while back. If you can't say something nice just shut up!

Catt Mantooth

She must never seen any one lack of sleep and still going until they get completely exhausted. I have been at work for a good 10 hours where people ask me am I ok, I look a little out of it. (saying I looked like I had been "smoking" or "drinking".) I just really think wow, has any body looked in the mirror when they are really freaking tired. Every one would be smoking or drinking. Like so he's down under where the toilet swishes the other way and all of a sudden he's a stoner. PLEASE!!

Shirley Sorrow

This is old picture...old news.  You post something with a lead like that to get people to click on when you already know it's not true.  Ethics...look it up!


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