'Bachelor' Sean Lowe's Sex Confession Could Ruin the Rest of His Season

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Sigh. Just as Sean Lowe's season of The Bachelor was starting to look a little bit promising (as far as drama goes), he had to go ahead and spill the beans about his sex life and ruin things for us.

No, he didn't slip and accidentally reveal the name of the girl he chose during the final rose ceremony. And no, he didn't give us any juicy details about what did or did not happen during his fantasy suite dates. (Damn.)

Sadly, Sean revealed a sex confession that's much worse than both of those things combined.

Apparently Sean is still a virgin, or at least that's what it sounds like from a statement he made about his feelings on the subject of sex. He said, "I do think sex is something special and should be shared with the one you're going to spend the rest of your life with. The physical stuff will always come later."

Ok, what's the deal? If Sean's sentiments reflect how he truly feels, then he must not have done the dirty yet, right? But back in November, he supposedly claimed to be a "born-again virgin," which means he's not really a virgin at all, he just likes to think that he is. (What gives?)

Seriously, it's kind of impossible to be both.

But whatever kind of virgin Sean is, he basically killed any hope of his season getting steamier and more interesting from here on out, because it's highly obvious that he doesn't plan on engaging in any sort of hanky panky with the ladies. Or at least that's what we can probably assume based on his "the physical stuff will always come later" bit.

Unfortunately in Sean's case, it sounds like he means much later, because if he doesn't plan on getting it on with anyone until he's married, then there's no way we're going to have the pleasure of seeing it on national television. (Total bummer.)

(OMG. Who else wishes Arie was The Bachelor? Whew! We'd all need a cold shower after each episode.)

What's your take on Sean's virginity? Do you think it's sweet, or super-boring?


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lasombrs lasombrs

Why can he not be born again and decide from that point out he will no longer sleep with a women before marriage. It can make sense to be both, I don't see what you found condusing about that statment i guess.

xiolxuo xiolxuo

You're either a virgin, or not. Can't be both, sorry.

Kristina Kirschbaum Roach

I find it refreshing and now more than ever I hope he send Tierra home!!!

mothe... motherof2inFL

where's arie when you need him?  i second your wish. 

Christie Flietner

Ummmm, I want to believe he is as good as everyone makes him out to be but I am just not buying it. I am glad Amanda went home but dang Tierra is a bit psycho!! I really like Ashley and Sara....oh and Des.

Cindy Scott Winters

I don't think not being intimate makes this season any less steamy! The way he expresses himself and his wholesomeness is enough to keep me coming back each week!!!

nonmember avatar Bethany

I admire him for standing up for what he wants. What's so wrong with a man having some integrity? Instead of it being less interesting to me, It actually makes me want to watch the show more. I say Bravo to him! I mean everyone can have their opinion on this..but personally it takes guts to do what he's doing..and if he doesn't want to have sex..Then fine. That's his decision. No one else.

Samfan97 Samfan97

I appreciate someone having some morals and keeping their pants on, personally. I get sick of our society being so skanky and of everyone bed-hopping all the time. I hope he's sincere about being a born-again virgin and sticks by it. Hopefully it isn't just all for show.

nonmember avatar Mamaof4

So a guy isn't a complete whore sleeping with half a dozen women and bedhopping and all the sudden it's less interesting? It's about time someone on television have at least the slightest shred of morals.

Sleeping around doesn't make you 'cool' it makes you nasty

nonmember avatar reallife

It's not the virgin thing that bugs me but the fact that he has a dozen women or more competing for his attention that is pathetic.

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