Ashley Judd & Her Husband Split: Is Her Chance of Running for Office Doomed?

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Ashley JuddAfter 12 years of marriage, Ashley Judd and her husband, race car driver Dario Franchitti, have announced that they are splitting up. Sob. You know those celeb couples you really thought would make it to forever? This was one of them for me. It's a pretty sad split, though the two -- as per usual -- say they still love each other and it's mutual.

Of course, the REAL question is what this will do to Judd's potential run for Senate. For months rumors have swirled that Judd, an outspoken activist who spoke out against Rick Santorum in regards to choices, is interested in a political career. She also wrote an extremely poignant response to rumors about her "puffy" face and she has been supportive of many left-leaning causes and women's rights. Love her!

Though not everyone is thrilled with the notion that she would challenge Mitch McConnell in her native Kentucky, the rumors haven't been denied. But what will a potential divorce do to her run? Can a single woman be a Senator in Kentucky?

For years we have been taught that the way a person behaves in their marriage is somehow reflective of how they would be when it comes to policy- or decision-making. We have seen countless male politicians fail to keep it in their pants and end up disgraced.

But this isn't the case with Judd. Her marriage didn't work out and now she is a single, child-free woman who may run for office. I say more power to her.

The reasons her marriage didn't work out are really none of our business. They are varied, I am sure. And they are private. In all likelihood they also have very little to do with either one of them being "bad" and probably everything to do with growing and changing and moving on.

A single woman would make a great senator and I hope that Judd won't let her divorce stop her political aspirations. But I suspect she won't. Judd is way too strong a woman to let anything stop her. I know she would agree with me.

I am sad, though. They seemed like a great couple.

Do you think her newly single status should stop her run?


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As a dem. I find it funny that you say her reasons(their reasons)are private,but for some reason I'd bet my last dollar that if she were a rep. You'd be all up her ass about why she didn't disclose her reasons. how can she run for an office if she can't make her marriage work ,what will she do to a state. She may be a good candidate or she may not be, but to go hog wild over some actor going into politics just because you like them is no reason to vote for them. Schwerztenager fucked up L.A. like nobody's business. He got elected because he was ARNOLD. Their roles in movies are not who they are in life. So dial it back a bit. Go gush to your friends about her but please don't try to sell her to John or Joan Q Public. What her personal views are will change once she goes public and let's see what happens when she is asked personal questions. She is a private person who has no problem telling people where to stick it if she doesn't want to answer a question;well that ain't gonna fly if she wants to go into politics. Questions are more probing now than they were in Reagan's day so I hope she's ready if that is what she wants to do.

DebaLa DebaLa

It may not stop her, but it could hinder her success. Constituents, esp in those parts, want their candidates cookie-cutter married with children and a dog. Good luck to her. Maybe she'll be the one to break that mold.

And... What is with the vapid blogorrhea of 'Forever' celebrity marriages... or even normal marriages, for that matter. Get over it. Marriage is a contract, and contracts break, 50% of the time. What do you teach your children beyond Barbies or Disney? Or don't you let them play with yours?

DebaLa DebaLa

PRIMA... Ahhnold didn't get elected — he strong-armed his way in thru a recall then tried to run roughshod on everyone since, so most of his initiatives got rejected 'cause he didn't know how to play nice in the sandbox or with his 'public.' With 'Yes Men' around him, he was oblivious and shocked that he tanked at the last. All actors have huge egos, so Judd may or may not be any different, but Kentucky might not accept the baggage, unless she was conservative.


DebaLa I agree. The whole thing was dirty from the short notice to vote to the limited places to vote. And boy howdy did we(Californians)pay for that debacle.

nonmember avatar Victoria

I am a very strong Dem. but I would not vote for Ashley Judd !!!! We need more than a powewr hungry female. We need someone that can be crediable and have a solid marriage if married. If she runs nothiong is PRIVATE !!!! Her life is my business or stay off the ticket !!!

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