5 Reasons Honey Boo Boo's Dad Sugar Bear Is a Great Catch

sugar bear He's no Brad Pitt, but Here Comes Honey Boo Boo's Sugar Bear actually has a lot of qualities women look for in a man. I know, it sounds crazy, but I'm totally serious. That family may get a lot of flack for their boorish behavior, but one thing is clear -- they are a tight-knit, loving clan with him and mama June at its heart. They have been together nine years and that is no easy feat for any couple. Take a look at 5 reasons Sugar Bear is such a nice catch:

  1. He is really romantic. On their anniversary he treated her to an intimate dinner at Crockett's Cafeteria. Okay, so it wasn't some fancy-schmancy restaurant with haute cuisine or even an Applebee's, but it was cozy and kid-free. He even gave her a sweet card that read, "On our anniversary, your heart was my heart."
  2. He "adopted" all her kids. Though Honey Boo Boo is his only biological child with June, the other three girls all consider him their dad. One of the reasons June was so smitten was his instant bond with the entire family.
  3. Size doesn't matter to him. People may poke fun at June's girth, but Sugar Bear thinks she is one hot mama. While she pranced around in her "smexy" Marilyn Monroe costume at Halloween, he admitted it made him want to "jump bones."
  4. He's charitable. Every year the family puts on a big Christmas in July gift drive where they take donations for needy kids. Despite the boiling Georgia temps, Sugar Bear always puts on a Santa outfit to entertain the neighborhood kids for hours.
  5. He's loyal. He says June makes him happy. He makes June happy. He doesn't want or need more than that.

What do you like most about Sugar Bear?


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Sherry Mullins Thompson

I love Sugar Bear.....he is a real man....looks aren't everything...he is kind ......and he loves Mama June regardless of her size or manners or lack of .....need more men like him taking on resposibility of children that are not his...I think he is great.

javak... javakitty2011

He's awesome, his affection for the whole family is so obviously genuine. Need more men like him in the world

sunmo... sunmoonandstar

Sure looks aren't everything mentioning that implies he would see something wrong with June's looks. He doesn't. He finds her beautiful.and sexy, he dioesnt think her size is something that he is looking past. He loves it and he loves her.

Halley DeVestern

Sugar Bear is awesome, but I really wish he'd quit chewing tobacco (dip, snuff, whatever you call it). It's ruined his teeth and jawline already - I just hope he doesn't get cancer.

GOBryan GOBryan

This just proves that there's someone for everyone. 

Joan Martino Hughes

sugar bear seems like a nice guy , he's very loving to his famiy as they are to him..

Joan Martino Hughes

sugar bear you are so nice to june andaffectionate to all the girls and they suredo love you.i sure wish you would stop chewing that tobacco stuff it's messing uo your teeth and smile. 8/27/13

Pauline Hughes

I agree...I wish he'd stop chewing tobacco, but as far him as a person, I think he is adorable, sweet, considerate and loving. Wish there were more guys out there like him.

nonmember avatar Kenz

Last year I was at work, where I NO longer work praise God, and one of the execs made a rather nasty, very judgmental comment about the Honey Boo Boo clan. I had heard a lot about the show, but had not watched it. The comment really angered me #1 bc it was nasty & #2 bc this hypocritical a@# was always preaching and claimng to be such a godly man. So, I came home & watched. I LOVE this family. Yes, they are a little rude, but the are real. They love each other for who they are and are committed and loyal. June is a lucky woman, Sugar Bear is a lucky man and any child would be blessed to grow in home filled with so much love!!!

nonmember avatar Jamie

I love this guy.. He loves june for who she is and even loves her daughters even though 3 of them arent his! And i agree i wish he didnt chew tobacco :( hhe hardly smiles and i see why :(

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